Which Wood Works When? Differences in Pressure and Untreated Lumber

When you're working on a construction project, the type of lumber you use can make all the difference between an exceptional outcome and a failure that doesn't work well for your situation. How do you ensure you're getting the right lumber for your project? Our quick-start guide will give you the basics on the differences between pressure treated, untreated rot-resistant and untreated softwood lumber and the characteristics that may make it a good fit or a bad choice for your project. Let's get started.

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Cool Runnings: Winterizing Your Construction Truck for Safety and Work

When you work in construction, your truck is just as essential a part of your business as your tools, suppliers and customers. When your truck is running reliably, it's easy to take this vital asset to your daily life for granted. Winter can throw a lot at your truck: cold temperatures sap your battery power, slick roads make it difficult to maintain control, deep snow or slush makes it tough to get traction, while frost heaves wreaks havoc on your suspension and salt eats away at the frame and body. How do you stay ahead of it all? Here are some tips to get your vehicle ready for everything winter can throw at it.

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How to Best Use Heaters to Keep Your Crew Warm This Winter

Baby, it's cold outside - and that means you need to worry about how well your crew is doing during the coldest part of the year. Frostbite can quickly cause debilitating health problems and the extra bulk of winter gear making your crew more clumsy and prone to accidents. Among the other tools and techniques that you can put into play is using heaters to keep your crew comfortable as they work. Here are some ways to best deploy heaters this winter so your crew can keep on going through the worst of the cold.

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Cool as Ice: Check Out These Absolutely Amazing Ice Fishing Shacks

When it comes to outdoor living in the northeast, ice fishing is practically a rite of passage. Once you've become hooked on the hobby, sitting on the ice in the wind becomes less a necessity and more of a pain - or lack thereof, as the cold numbs your extremities. Fortunately, some enterprising individual invented the ice fishing shack, otherwise known as an ice shack, ice house, ice shanty and any number of other monikers. But that inventor could never have seen the lengths some enthusiasts have gone to over the years to develop ice houses that go above and beyond, providing the ultimate in luxury, technology and high living on the ice. Here's a quick look at the best shacks on the ice.

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What's Peer to Peer Equipment Rental and How Does It Help You?

When you're in construction and you need a specific piece of equipment, you usually have just a few options available to get the job done. You can rent the equipment, and then have to deal with the rental's shortcomings that have developed from abuse by other renters. You can buy the equipment, and have to lay out a large chunk of change or arrange financing. You can lease the equipment and be a nervous wreck that every time it's going to be used, something will happen that will cause problems with the lease. But there's a new option that has come into the playing field recently, called peer to peer equipment rental. What is it and what can it do for your business? Read on for more details.

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Spray Foam Insulation vs. Traditional Insulation - Which is better?

When you need to get an insulation job done, it's easy to turn to the same materials you've always used. But is the same old thing always the right choice for the job? Spray foam insulation has been around for several decades, but is often passed by for batting or blown-in insulation. But when you need specific issues addressed in a project, spray foam can often be the better choice. How do you know which one will be the best choice for your next project? Here is some information to help get you started.

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Jobs on the Rise: Construction Employment Trends Point to Improvement

When the construction industry is going strong, it's easy to forget about the tough times that can happen when construction is down. But how is the market doing right now? Current numbers show that the industry is on the rise. How do current trends point to improvement in the industry and how will that affect your business planning for the upcoming year? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you go through the planning process.

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Fiberglass Reinforced Panels Provide Revolutionary New Options

At Wallboard Supply Company, we feel that our job is to help our customers learn about new products that can help them improve their products. One of the new products we've come across recently is fiberglass reinforced panels. These panels provide you with strong options for a wide range of applications. In this post, we'll introduce you to the basics of what these panels are, how they perform and similar information.

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Building Supplies: Why Material Quality is Vital to Final Quality

We've all run into this issue at some point or another: you find something - whether it's an appliance, article of clothing or tool - that has an amazing price and you've just got to buy it. A few hours, days or weeks down the road, you realize why it was such a bargain - it's junk! The same applies to building supplies. When you purchase better quality material, you'll reap the benefits for years down the road. Here's a close look at the issues that can arise when your material quality is sub par compared to what should have been used in the first place.

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How Contractors Can Find the Right Drywall Supplier

When you're busy hanging drywall and winning jobs, dealing with issues with your drywall supplier can really cut into the time you need to get the job done. How do you find the right drywall supplier for your business? There are a number of aspects you can look at with a drywall supplier that can help you make sure they can take care of your business. Here are a few of the major ones you'll want to look at when investigating a drywall supplier to ensure they're a good fit for you.

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