5 Reasons Why You Should Choose 3M's Air and Vapor Barrier Systems

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When it comes to getting the job done, there's no doubt that the 3M family of construction products offers a lot to contracting companies and the construction industry as a whole. But when it comes to their new Air Vapor Barrier 3015, there's a whole new range of benefits you can realize when compared to more traditional building envelope barriers. In today's post, we'll take a comprehensive look at exactly how Air Vapor Barrier 3015 is the best possible choice for your project:

It's clearly superior.

No, really - it'Men installing 3Ms a translucent material. That means that it's much easier to see the studs and structure behind the vapor barrier, taking the guess work out of where to fasten sheet foam, OSB, plywood, gypsum or exterior sheathing for the best hold and fewer holes. The barrier's translucency also means you often won't need to bring in as much lighting to illuminate the inside the structure, as some natural light will shine through to the building's interior. Security is easier as well, as it's much easier to tell if someone is in the job site by shining a flashlight on one side of the structure with a second person observing for shadows and movement on the other side, making it easier to catch scrap metal thieves in the act.

3M's Air and Vapor Barrier can be applied without primer to a wide range of materials under a very wide range of conditions.

Because you don't need to use any primer, you're able to eliminate the time, labor and material cost of the primer. The 3015 barrier incorporates new technologies developed by 3M for pressure-sensitive adhesion. That means you just have to roll it on, whether horizontally or vertically, and press it into place. Do you need a barrier you can apply in extreme weather conditions? The 3015 barrier can be applied in a very wide temperature range, from 0ºF to 150ºF while remaining UV resistant for up to 6 months.

The Air and Vapor Barrier is tough and impermeable, while remaining lightweight and flexible at the same time.

Role of 3MThe technology used in 3015 barrier makes it resistant to punctures and tears while remaining flexible to fit around curves, into corners and underneath siding. It even seals around punctures such as nails or staples, helping maintain the building envelope in a far superior fashion to other vapor barriers. It's rated as a nonpermeable moisture barrier, with a U.S. perm rating of 0.14 per ASTM E96 and at 10 mils thick, weighs only 21 pounds per roll. This great barrier option outperforms competitors that are heavier both in thickness and in weight.

It's compatible with many common materials and sealants used in construction.

Because of the special adhesive designed by 3M for the 3015 barrier, it sticks well to a number of different construction materials, including concrete and concrete block, anodized aluminum and galvanized metal, plywood, polystyrene and most exterior-grade gypsum sheathing. In addition, it was designed to be compatible with a wide range of construction-grade sealants, including polyurethane-, silicone-, butyl-, silane-terminated hybrids and synthetic rubber.

3M's Air and Water Barrier is even self-sealing.

When used with nails or staples, the membrane will for a seal around them to help reduce any additional moisture intrusion. It seals so well, it passes ASTM D1970 whether before or after thermal cycling. The adhesive that has been developed by 3M for the 3015 series allows it to adhere very well to itself and a number of other materials common to construction, while avoiding the harsh chemicals many adhesives incorporate, making it a LEED-certified product for your green construction project.

Now that you've had a good look at why 3M's Air and Vapor Barrier System is a great choice for your job, why not take the next step?

Contact us todayfor more details about how the system would work well for your job, to get a quote or to schedule a delivery to your jobsite.

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