How to maximize your buildings efficiency with 3M's Air Barrier System

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With today's focus on the best possible building efficiency, energy conservation and environmental concerns, it can be truly difficult to develop a building plan that allows you to affordably meet your business' needs while still creating a sustainable structure. In today's post, we'll discuss how you can maximize your building's efficiency by utilizing 3M's 3015 Air & Vapor Barrier System in your design to achieve superior results. Here are just a few ways this product maximizes your building's efficiency:

Control the Envelope

By installing a superior air barrier, you're in control of your building's envelope. Air barrier prevents significant amounts of air from infiltrating your building through the walls, along the insulation and around access points for utilities and other key necessities. 3M's 3015 barrier provides an exceptional seal to itself and other parts of the building, keeping the air where you want it to be.

Keeping Water Vapor Out

Keeping water vapor out of your building is vital to the air quality and comfort of your completed structure. When moisture gets into your building, most often from warm, humid air hitting a cold surface, it can cause serious issues as mold and mildew impact your indoor air quality. If you have enough vapor condensing on cold surfaces, it can collect and become a slip and fall problem, creating a dangerous working environment. 3M's Air & Water Barrier helps prevent this problem by keeping water vapor out of your building.

Creating Superior Building Comfort

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Let's take a look at a building that doesn't have a good air and vapor barrier in place. It might cost a few hundred dollars less to build, but it's drafty, making your employees and clients uncomfortable and less productive as your HVAC system struggles to keep up. As excessive water vapor is brought into the building, it condenses on cold surfaces, creating problem areas for mold and mildew, decreasing your indoor air quality and leading to a poor experience for your clients and sick days for your employees. You may even end up having to deal with worker's comp claims and lost productivity as wet areas on the floor create slip and fall hazards. 3M's Air & Vapor Barrier helps prevent these problems, making your customers and employees comfortable and productive.

Keeping Your Building on Budget & on Time

But what else sets 3015 Barrier above the rest? Ease of application and lower costs. 3M's Barrier System can be applied in a wide range of temperatures and climate conditions, making a day that would otherwise be lost to cold or heat a productive one for your construction crew. It's compatible with common materials used in construction, including a very wide range of sealants for those problem areas. It requires no primer, saving you labor and material costs as well as the time it takes away from continued construction work. Because it's UV resistant for up to six months and is nonpermeable, with a U.S. perm rating of 0.14, your building site can be enclosed so interior construction can continue in bad weather. It's tough, flexible, lightweight and self-sealing, which means it holds up better to those jobsite "oops", wraps around tight corners, is quick and easy to put up and seals around staple and nail holes. For a little more money, you avoid the delays that often plague construction projects.

Reducing Your Operational Costs

Even better, the Air & Vapor Barrier System keeps giving back to you. By adding it to your building's design, you'll realize lower utility costs from your HVAC system - in fact, you may be able to scale your HVAC system down due to the efficiency the barrier provides. You'll have less employee down time and more productivity as well as happier customers from a comfortable indoor environment. Your building will last longer and will be more durable with 3M's barrier system.

With all these benefits, it's easy to see how 3M's Air & Vapor Barrier System maximizes your building's efficiency. Contact us for details today.

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