5 Acoustical Ceiling Product Comparisons

CertainTeed Symphony Series Ceiling Tiles

When you're dealing with a noisy environment, a quality acoustical ceiling product can offer great solutions to the problem. But how do you know which acoustical product will best meet your project's particular needs? This post will provide you with a solid review of five of our most popular acoustical ceiling products, including in what situations they work best and the qualities that make them so well-suited for those environments. LEED requirements are also touched on, due to the growing popularity of the certification program. Here are the details:

CertainTeed Symphony Series

The first CertainTeed product we'll look at is the Symphony series. A panel based on mineral fiber, fiberglass and gypsum allows fine tuning of a room when precise acoustical properties is a requirement while still meeting many LEED v4 requirements. It provides an excellent finish with long durability, combining acoustic performance requirements for healthcare with ISO Class 4 clean room requirements and can be washed over 1,000 times with sanitizing formulas. The reflective surface maximizes employee performance while minimizing the amount of lighting needed for a design. It's also VOC compliant with California Department of Public Health standards and works well in open areas, offices, restaurants, healthcare environments, libraries, galleries and resorts.

CertainTeed Versatone Series

Old Performance HallOur next CertainTeed product is Versatone, an excellent, economical selection where humidity is a concern, such as utility areas, retail sites, strip malls, interior commercial spaces and applications in a number of other commercial structures. In addition to meeting LEED v4 requirements for raw material sourcing, daylight enhancement, acoustic performance, PBT source reduction and recycled content, these panels are available in three finishes and two colors. Versatone panels are sag resistant, mold resistant, washable, sanitize and is ASTM E1264 fire retardant.

CertainTeed Vinylrock Series

Vinylrock is another great, economical CertainTeed product with a vinyl-coated gypsum panel. It meets several LEED v4 certification point requirements, including PBT source reduction, superior daylight and interior light reflection, materials with low emission and material ingredients. Its excellent cleaning and sanitizing properties make it an ideal choice forenvironments where regular cleaning is a necessity, exceeding FCI cleaning requirements, USDA/FSIS guidelines and has a Health Product Declaration available if needed. It's ideally suited to hospital environments, restrooms, food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, loading docks and many other commercial building applications.

CertainTeed Performa Series

Acoustical Ceiling PanelsCertainTeed's Performance Series also includes several different textured options that provide excellent sound control with a variety of appearances. Sand Micro, Baroque, Cashmere and Fine Fissured provide a wide range of textures from barely there to making a statement. Sand Micro is a high-humidity-resistant panel with low texture, while Baroque has better sound absorption with a fissured, non-directional texture. Cashmere provides a refined appearance and Fine Fissured creates a light texture with both lines available in a range of colors. Each of these fine products meet numerous LEED v4 certification point requirements, including product declarations, raw material sourcing, material ingredients, low-emission materials, daylight reflection, PBT source requirement and recycled content.

Though CertainTeed makes many fine products, Chicago Metallic Products' Fire-Rated Drywall Grid System for Suspended Ceilings provides an excellent grid system for your acoustical panel needs when a fire-rated product is required. Currently offered through their partnership with Rockfon, this exceptional grid system allows for direct drywall mounting on your suspending ceiling, including fire-resistant drywall, which provides superior fire protection for your structure. If your project is going beyond the usual square construction radius drywall ceiling systems curve, allowing for freedom of form beyond what traditional materials typically can provide.

By looking at your project and determining which of these quality products will best work for your situation, you can quickly get a handle on your noise problem and enjoy a peaceful environment once again. If you need more assistance download the CertainTeed Product Guide below.

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