5 Awesome Tiny Houses That Aren't That Tiny

Tiny Red House In Grass

Over the years, there have been housing styles that have come and gone. The craftsman, the Tudor, the Victorian, the ranch: all these homes were very popular in their day. One modern option that is quickly gaining ground to remain in the records of history is the tiny house. Though the definition differs depending on who you talk to, these go from an ultra-portable 80 square feet to a "tiny mansion" of 1,000 square feet. Focused on the movement towards minimalism and simplicity, the tiny house forces its occupants to only retain what has value to them, instead of plastic totes full of decorations for every holiday and boxes full of old records that "might be needed".

1) This beautiful floating tiny house in Maine brings a whole new meaning to the term house boat! At 240 square feet, it's solidly a tiny house, but after building it, the owners decided to ditch their plans of using it as a vacation and rental home in favor of enjoying a permanent home on the water. The decision was probably easier due to the home's design with an off-grid electrical system to provide the amenities. Image courtesy of Country Living.

Tiny Mansion

2) This tiny mansion in Oklahoma is at the top end of the legal limit at 1,000 square feet. After spending a month in an RV at various national parks, the owners decided to sell their large home in Oklahoma city in favor of camping for eight more months on family property. Though the original plans were somewhat smaller, the family added an upstairs loft for a much-needed master bedroom suite and office space. Image courtesy of Country Living.

3) Are you in love with the idea of a simple New England cottage? This beautiful Maine vacation cottage is technically not a tiny house at 1,200 square feet, but most people would still consider it very small. But that doesn't prevent it from having all the amenities you'd expect in a traditional home, such as a full-size oven and a soaking tub. Due to its location on a small island, the owners - successful designers from Charleston, SC - had some challenges with the renovations as everything had to be brought over by bridge or causeway. Image courtesy of Country Living.

4) If you're determined to have a modern tiny house, this beautiful 300 square foot studio home in New York gives you the best of both worlds. The window wrap, somewhat unusual in tiny houses, provides both a frame for the beautiful scenery and expands the visual appearance of the living space, making it seem much larger than it actually is. Walnut is used extensively in the interiors and the site's rock features compliment the cable railing front porch. Image courtesy of House Beautiful.

5) Prefer a taste of the eclectic with plenty of elbow room indoors and out? This 800 square foot cottage was designed using sustainable materials and one-story living for the retiree owners. What you can't see from the outside is the amazing timber framed interior and beautiful woodworking throughout this home. Because of its size, the owners were able to splurge on high quality, full size appliances and granite countertops. A beautiful counterpoint to the large beams and living space are all the tiny niches and crannies for easy storage. Image courtesy of Tiny House Talk.

Tiny houses push the need for multi-functional space that is fully adaptable to changes in activity and life interests, while the not so tiny houses mentioned above provide a bit more room to move and spread out, enjoying the functionality of the traditional tiny house paired with the room to breathe of the average cottage. If you're considering building a tiny house - or not so tiny house - and need help finding the perfect materials for the job, please feel free to contact us today. At Wallboard Supply Company, no job is too big - or too small - for our experts to help.

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