8 Projects You Won't Believe Used Steel Framing

Steel framing is becoming much more prevalent in construction, but we often think more of the limitations of the material rather than the possibilities. But some contractors have begun to undertake truly amazing projects using steel framing. In this post, we'll take a good look at several beautiful structures that you won't believe used steel framing:

1. Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities

Image courtesy of Green Country Interiors.

This beautiful buildings for Catholic Charities blend in perfectly to the southwestern architecture common in their area, but they actually used extensive steel framing though out the structures. Who says that giving isn't physically beautiful? The range of structures constructed for this project helps this worldwide charity get the job done for poverty and disaster relief.

2. St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

Image courtesy of Huggett Betten Corp.

This beautiful church building has the appearance of laminated wood joining in a beautiful pattern at the peak of its dome, but it's all a beautiful example of the amazing possibilities of steel framing and faux finishes. From the exterior, it has the appearance of a traditional stone and masonry construction. The intertwined beams are actually built up and around each other to create the aesthetically pleasing knotwork star at the apex of the chapel ceiling.

3. Kendall Whittier

Kendall Whittier

Image courtesy of Green Country Interiors.

Though these beautiful surroundings have the appearance of classical architecture and old-world framing and plaster, they're a great way that steel framing can be incorporated into even the most traditional projects, in this case a neighborhood revitalization program. In this case, it was the entrance to a health clinic, creating a relaxing atmosphere for healthcare workers and patients alike.

4. Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Image courtesy of Kurt Krueger Architects.

Just to show that you can take steel framing outdoors and incorporate it into your outdoor living design, this beautiful fire pit uses thin sheets of onyx over steel framing, with LED lights on the inside to backlight the stone's natural beauty. This is a great example of how steel framing can actually be incorporated as part of the design element, creating gentle upright bars and strong verticals across the fire pit.

5. Jenks Aquarium

Jenks Aquarium

Image courtesy of Green Country Interiors.

The rounded forms used in this aquarium fit well with its aquatic theme, but is a technique seen much more commonly with wood framing, but with the advances that have been taking place in forming metal framing tracks, this beauty is all steel framed. With the aquarium's focus on aquatic education, these flowing forms make it easy for children and adults to swim gently through the exhibits.

6. Niles, Michigan YMCA

Niles Michigan YMCA

Image courtesy of Huggett Betten Corp.

You already know that these sweeping curves and circular windows had to be an interesting framing job, and the exterior brick on this active YMCA would almost have you convinced it's a cast-in-place job, but it's all beautifully-imagined steel frame construction. The windows almost give the structure a Hobbit-esque appearance, making you wonder where the round door is located.

7. Cliff House

Cliff House

Image courtesy of MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects Limited.

Though your eye is drawn immediately to the steel I-beams that are holding the structure over the face of the cliff, this beautiful home was entirely steel framed, which works very well with its modern appearance. It's easy to be inspired by the amazing views, but you can't help but hope it's not in a landslide-prone area or how they worked with the codes board on this modern home.

8. Renaissance Hotel

Renaissance Hotel

Image courtesy of Green Country Interiors

Though the amazing old world interiors and sweeping exterior architecture seems like something from centuries ago, this recent construction uses a wide range of steel framing techniques to bring off the appearance without breaking the bank. From the leather upholstery to the beautiful floors and sweeping columns, you'll think you've stepped into the old world, not Oklahoma.

These projects are a fabulous example of what can be done with steel framing. If you're considering using steel framing for your next project, whether grand or simple, please download our free Metal Framing Product Guide below.

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