A Look at Our Fastener Brands: What's the Big Difference Anyway?

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A screw is a screw and a nail is a nail, right? Not really. There are few things as annoying as nails that bend too easily or screws that strip out at the head, making them difficult to drive or remove. I'm pretty sure Mr. Murphy has something to say about the fact that both only have issues when they're halfway driven. But beyond basic good quality, what makes fastener brands different? Here's a quick overview of some of the brands carried by Wallboard Supply Company and what differences they have.


Hilti is well known for its high quality. It manufactures both direct fasteners as well as anchor fasteners, but tends to be more multi-purpose or general that some fastener brands. If you need extreme data and documentation, Hilti supplies some of the best in the business, with over 600 pages of information on their fasteners alone.


When it comes to fastening sheathing, foam board, roofing or hanging items on drywall, ITW provides an excellent assortment of plastic-based fasteners to prevent wind shear damage to large, thin, lightweight materials. Much like Star Sales, they don't provide a lot of technical information, but if you need these types of fasteners to get the job done, you probably already know a great deal about them and how they're used.


Scorpion Deck Screws

Scorpion is another company that provides fasteners for a few specific needs, specifically drywall, decking and acoustical products. With a range of products developed over the past 40 years, they offer an exceptional selection of fasteners for virtually any fastening task within the industries they serve. They feature an assortment of Phillips, square and star drive heads, which can make them much easier to drive without stripping.


When you need to get a job done quickly, Ramset provides exceptional options with its powder and gas tool options. Recent additions to their line include insulation, concrete and hollow block fasteners, while their other fasteners include angle clips, ceiling clips, collated fasteners and their line of single shot fasteners to help keep the job site moving along efficiently. The powder-actuated fasteners work well for high-strength material when you need to drive a great number of fasteners in a day.

Star Sales

With over 85 years in the industry, Star Sales provides a great selection of general construction fasteners at a good price point. They don't provide the kind of information Hilti does, but does a good job of generally meeting construction needs with good quality fasteners for decking, drywall and wood, as well as producing fasteners that meet the requirements of other specialty manufacturers or tool companies, such as DeWalt and Ramset.


Grabber Deck Screws

Framing, sheathing, drywall and acoustical fasteners are the specialties that Grabber has built its name around. They've also spent a great deal of time developing fasteners to deal with specific problems in each of those industries, including their Scavanger drywall screw that spreads out the fastener's pressure further to prevent paper burrs, Vector point screws for faster fastening of metal framing, their Lox Drive system that prevents stripping and similar developments.


Gemco is another specialty fastening company, providing insulation fastening products that are designed specifically for that purpose. They provide a wide range of options for different types of foam board, blanket or batt insulation and fastening surfaces. From washer head nails and adhesives to weld pins and washers for sheet foam and lacing anchors and quilting pins for fiberglass and other soft blanket or batt insulation, Gemco has a product to meet virtually any need.

As you can see, there is actually a significant difference between these brands and how the fasteners will perform on the job. If you need more information about a particular brand of fasteners, please download our fasteners product guide below.

Fasteners Product Guide

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