How Soundproofing and Acoustical Products Can Improve Sleep

It doesn't matter whether it's the dripping faucet, the creaking framing or the sound of the ice maker dropping ice at 3:00 A.M., what matters is that you can't sleep. You're not alone - an estimated 50-70 million Americans are right there with you in the wee hours of the morning, according to a Centers for Disease Control report issued recently, with nearly 1/3 of adults not getting sufficient sleep every night. But what can you do about it?

In addition to setting aside enough time to get enough sleep, sleep hygiene, or the quality of your sleep practices and environment, plays a vital role in avoiding insomnia-related health problems such as higher blood pressure, depression, memory problems, low energy and inability to focus. In addition to avoiding caffeine, alcohol and large meals close to bedtime, refraining from tobacco use and keeping a regular sleep schedule, you can also take measures to make your home quieter using soundproofing and acoustical products. Here are some common problems and possible solutions to your sleep issues.

Wall Options

Acoustical WallsIf you're willing to undertake a little work, you have several options available to help deaden sound in  your walls. Insulating using cellulose or fiberglass batting is a great way to capture sound before it keeps you up all night. Soundproof drywall takes the noise reduction a step further, as it's designed to capture and reduce noise transmission through the wall. If you have a particularly problematic area, consider rebuilding the wall with an offset to help prevent the sound from transferring through on the studs, but remember to insulate the air space behind or in front of the stud to get the best noise reduction.

Low Noise Ceiling

Acoustical ceiling tiles aren't just for offices anymore, and they're not the plain squares of past acoustical tile ceilings. From designs that mimic old tin ceiling tiles without all the extra noise to suspended panel options that helps maintain that modern vibe you've built in your home, using acoustical products in your ceilings help absorb noise. If you're dealing with a serious problem, consider installing a suspended ceiling if there's enough room available, because it will create another area for the sound to fade, especially if you apply insulation or additional acoustical materials to the void between the floor above and the ceiling below. They even help capture noise from the other side of the ceiling, which is handy when your teenage daughter's slumber party is practicing dance moves way too late into the night.

Quiet Views

Get a double benefit from your windows, because energy efficient windows that are well insulated tend to also be much quieter. Because of the gas-filled space between the panes, noise transference is also reduced to a minimum, allowing you to ignore the noise the neighbor's cat is making - again. To get the most out of your energy-efficient windows' noise dampening effects, pair them with thermal curtains and sheers to reduce outside noise as much as possible.

Other Products to Consider

If you're serious about getting a great night's sleep, there are a variety of additional acoustical products that can help you achieve that goal. From sound boards and barriers from the best in the business to sound clips that help isolate your room, these products do their part to go the extra mile, turning your bedroom into a tranquil retreat from everyday life. 

Though sound is only one area of creating excellent sleep hygiene, it's often considered the most important, with 74% of Americans believing quiet is essential to getting a sound night's sleep. By taking these products into consideration, you can greatly reduce the noise in your bedroom, leading to a good night's sleep. If you still have questions about which products will work best in your home, please feel free to contact us for further information. At Wallboard Supply Company, we've been serving the four-state region for decades with on-site delivery, free quotes and easy ordering.

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