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The construction business can be somewhat challenging as it is, so when the opportunity presents itself to make things a little easier, we should be ready to snap at it. Most construction workers will tell you that their number one priority will be to fill the need for tools, but even with all the right tools, when they have to move things around, the emphasis will be on avoiding injury to the workers.

When Paul Hasley realized that workers were forced to carry individual drywall products around by hand, he determined that there had to be an easier way.Not only could he build an American made cart to help the construction industry avoid injury to their employees, but with these carts and the ability to move more of them at the same time, the industry would become a lot more productive.

Adapa drywall cartsFive decades later, Harvey has developed his idea from one of many different styles of the construction industry and the finished product is still American made and family owned. These days, Adapa Inc supplies the construction industry with a variety of carts to fit specific needs, here are just a few of them.

The Carts

  • The Drywall cart (which started it all) is still going strong as it creates opportunities for construction sites to shine.
  • The all terrain cart will make it easy to move stuff around, regardless of what sort of surface you encounter.
  • When trees need to be moved, there is a cart specifically for that.
  • With a 2,000lb capacity and the ability to function in close quarters, the residential cart is the only one you will need.
  • For construction sites that demand more, the Big Brute gives you a higher carrying capacity of 3,600lbs.
  • When you need even more capacity and leg room the Flat cart will satisfy those needs, with a one ton capacity and almost no mobility restrictions. This cart also comes in 2 frame sizes, 24" x 36" or 48".
  • Then there is the trash cart, which functions like a small dump truck with a 1,500lb capacity.


Drywall ToolsAdapa is also proud of the fact that they supply replacement casters for their own product, which should give the user that much more confidence in their products. Some of the accessories they offer are as follows,

  • The Drywall gate.
  • Wire twisters.
  • Shadow line cutters.

Everything you need to safely move your products on the site can be purchased through Adapa Inc.

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