Cool as Ice: Check Out These Absolutely Amazing Ice Fishing Shacks

Ice Shacks

When it comes to outdoor living in the northeast, ice fishing is practically a rite of passage. Once you've become hooked on the hobby, sitting on the ice in the wind becomes less a necessity and more of a pain - or lack thereof, as the cold numbs your extremities. Fortunately, some enterprising individual invented the ice fishing shack, otherwise known as an ice shack, ice house, ice shanty and any number of other monikers. But that inventor could never have seen the lengths some enthusiasts have gone to over the years to develop ice houses that go above and beyond, providing the ultimate in luxury, technology and high living on the ice. Here's a quick look at the best shacks on the ice.

A Whale of a Tale

Whale Ice Fishing Shack

We've all heard fishing stories. My granddad's favorite was talking about how he once caught a fish "this big", he'd say, holding his hands a couple feet apart before following up with the punch line, "between the eyes!" This whopper was built of spray foam insulation by Ron McMullin in northern Wisconsin, allowing him to combine his passion for ice fishing with his professional foam insulation career. This orca-inspired fish house is a real killer!

Having a Grand Time

Much like glamping, ice fishing shacks have become more and more luxurious as the years have gone by. And why not? Though catching is a pretty exciting time, the hours spent waiting for the fish to bite can sometimes be a bit monotonous. So "The Grand Lodge" was designed as a four-season certified RV trailer, with bore holes for fishing, beautiful wood paneling and a TV to watch the game while you wait.

There's No Place Like (Tiny) Home

Ice Hut

Though the tiny home trend is growing, many people still feel these small homes just don't leave enough room to move. But in smaller doses, such as the hours spent ice fishing on evenings, weekends and holidays, this tiny house ice shanty is just the right size for kicking back and getting in some serious fishing time, whether it's enjoying the view through the French doors or fishing off the deck on nicer days.

The Pink What?

Pink Ice Fishing Shack

Let's face it - when it comes to what to name your ice fishing shack, The Pink Palace would probably not be the first thing that comes to mind. This roomy ice fishing house combines fine fishing with fine art, featuring a beautiful mural around the entire exterior, bilateral shelves combined with propane lights and stoves. At 16' by 8' with an 8.5' center height, the ski-mounted fish house has spring hinge doors, adjustable ventilation and privacy windows to create a comfortable ice palace.

Though these over the top ice shanties may be a bit more than what you need, there's no doubt that they'll give you some great inspiration to add some bells and whistles to your next ice house. If you need help finding the right materials for your next ice fishing shack or any other project, please feel free to reach out to the experienced associates at Wallboard Supply Company. From special orders to on-site delivery, we've got the services you need to get the job done right the first time.

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