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Every day we hear of more and more crimes occurring. Not just in large cities and crowded areas of business, but in our small neighborhoods and sparsely populated venues.  Do you feel unsafe in your home or business? Do you feel the need for added protection? Do you want your family, friends, employees, and customers to feel safe when visiting your home or business?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions then you need the added protection of Armortex Brand Security panels. Armortex panels are the answer to achieving peace of mind. Armortex offers bullet proof, forced entry, and blast protection panels.

Armortex Panels for Max Security

Armortex panels are manufactured in their own factory. Bullet proof, forced entry, and blast protection panels are made in-house where they are mechanically injected with a thermoset resin and placed in a hydraulic hot press. The panels are then pressed into flat rigid sheets available in 3' or 4' widths and lengths of 8-10 feet are available upon request.

Armortex transaction windowBallistic grade fiber is used to maximize the ballistic performance in the panels. This also allows the proper de-lamination to capture projectiles. Armortex has discovered that by using the correct amount of pressure and heat during the cooling process eliminates excessive resin. Therefore, resulting in a product that provides the maximum amount of protection. 

Armortex Panels are the Highest Quality

Armortex panels achieve quality control through their own manufacturing. If you need protection fast they offer same day shipment. Not sure what product or size is right for you? Armortex provides friendly and knowledgeable factory technical support. 

Not Just for Security

Armortex panels are not just used for bullet or blast protection. Typically these panels can be installed behind drywall and in the ceiling. However, the durability, mold resistance, and non-corrosive characteristics of these panels allow for many various uses. Panels can provide protection of flat surfaces such as walls. Protect your walls from fork lift, or other equipment, damage. The slick surface of the panels deflect objects upon contact and they can also provide a platform for heavy equipment, machinery, or vehicles if protecting flooring is a must.

Be proactive and don't wait for that next crime to occur in your neighborhood. Protect yourself, family, friends, employees, and customers. Don't be a victim of injury or loss of life. Don't be the next top news story. Prevention is the key and Armortex Brand Security Panels are the best prevention on the market today.

Armortex Bullet and Blast Protection Guide

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