Benefits of Gypsum Panel for Contractors

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Also known as drywall, gypsum panels are often used by builders and architects for both residential and commercial construction because of its many advantages. Gypsum board systems meet building code requirements, provide economical fire protection, attenuate sound, are easy to erect, are eco-friendly and have breath function.

Fire Protection

Although gypsum panels have a non-combustible core, building codes mandate that these systems must be fire tested based on a set standard like the Standard Test Method for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials.Once tested, numerical ratings are given for fire-resistance classifications. This set standard entails two tests: a Fire Endurance Test and the Hose Stream Test. During the Fire Endurance Test, the material specimen is exposed to fire and tested for a resistance period. The Hose Stream Test subjects the specimen to fire for a period of one half the resistance period. It is then subjected to the impact and cooling from a fire hose. Duration of exposure and water pressure are noted during this test method. If no large amount of water passes through the gypsum panel, the resistance period is then the fire rating for the system.

Sound Control

Stack of drywallApartment complexes, condos and business establishments rely heavily on gypsum walls to limit the transmission of sound between individual units and rooms. Solid area gypsum wall systems have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating that can provide more than 60 rating. As long as the wall areas are free of gaps, fully caulked, sealed and have no flanking paths, gypsum panels greatly reduce sound transmission.

Easy to Erect and Secure

Gypsum panel systems are convenient and easy to install and secure during the framing process of construction. Metal components and liner panels are easily stacked and allow for the separation wall to be smoothly inserted. Gypsum board separation walls come in either a solid or cavity design. Solid system designs are erected vertically one floor at a time and inserted into wide tracks. The individual panels are secured by H-studs and set up one after the other along the track. It’s a stacking process that is easily repeated from floor to floor.

Cavity-style systems are generally used in steel stud partitions or gypsum board shaft wall enclosures like those used to enclose a duct shaft or elevator shaft. Like solid systems, cavity-style systems begin with the installation of track at the foundation and are erected vertically. The clips used must be the proper thickness and shape to meet fire-resistant codes. Both solid systems and cavity-type systems weight no more than 10 pounds per square foot. Its lightweight features make it easy to work with while eliminating the need for foundation modifications. Lastly, these systems can be quickly installed leaving no dust in the air.


Dywall in Wallboard Supply WarehouseThe gypsum board industry makes good use of recycled materials. Nearly 100 percent of the material used to manufacture gypsum board comes from consumer waste materials and newsprint. The industry also manufactures synthetic gypsum using waste materials from manufacturing plants, such as fossil-fueled power plants. Another green source of gypsum production is the use of production waste from the gypsum board manufacturing plants itself. Waste is reclaimed and entered back into the gypsum board production cycle. When it comes to eco-friendly, the gypsum board industry is hard to top.

Breath Function

Gypsum board panels have a natural breathing component. Its porous body can both absorb and release moisture. With indoor humidity levels high and warm air, it naturally has capitulary ability known as its breathing function. Gypsum board panels help regulate indoor conditions for a better working and living environment.

All around, the benefits of gypsum board make it the go-to product for contractors who do construction or renovation. Not only is gypsum board an advanced technology product, it has a beautiful and smooth appearance that is aesthetically pleasing.

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