Contractor Smackdown: Circular Saw Comparison

Saws on a Table

Let's get ready to rumble! And in the ring, we're looking at some tough contractor tools to see which ones are the best on the jobsite, around the house or wherever else your tools take you. All these saws have plenty of power to get through whatever life throws at you with relative ease, weigh under 11 pounds and retail at under $200 for corded, under $375 for cordless, giving you a great mix of power, weight and price.

DeWalt DW368

The DW368 is a little lighter than some of the others on power, but at 9.5 pounds, makes a great lightweight saw to haul onto a roof or handle in tough situations. Like any DeWalt, it skips the cushy overmolded rubber on the grip in favor of their signature pebbled grip. It has stamped steel adjustment controls that can be a bit hard to maneuver, and the cut depth pointer can be hard to see, which can be problematic if you're having to constantly switch your settings on the go.


When Porter-Cable discontinued its 423MAG saw, there were tears in toolboxes everywhere. The PC15TCMSK has provided a good replacement that does a good job of living up to Porter-Cable's 85 plus years building circular saws. Like the DeWalt DW368 above, it takes a little longer to get through a cut but its light weight and low price point makes it a great saw for a lightweight contractors saw or a good all-around saw for a homeowner. The pointer for the cut-depth gauge is black and a bit hard to see, but hit it up with a brighter paint and it'll be a two-minute easy fix. If you steal some fingernail polish to do it, just remember to not get caught.

Milwaukee 6394Milwukee Saw

As with most items with the Milwaukee name stamped on it, the 6394 provides plenty of power and has the benefit of an adjustable grip angle, great when you're working in tight quarters. The easily replaced cord is an awesome feature, because we all know the Achilles' heel of any power tool is the cord. Though there tends to be some sticking problems with the depth adjustment, it's a Milwaukee, so just smack it a little and it'll be fine.

Hilti WSC-7.25-A36

This cordless circular saw shows that Hilti's 36 volt platform does a great job of coming down from its industrial roots to work hard for you on the job site. Though it tends to run a bit higher price-wise than other cordless saws on the market, the saying "you get what you pay for" definitely applies here. Though it's a touch on the heavy side, it'll cut through OSB like a hot knife through butter with an amazing amount of power while the battery gives a much longer run time than the Milwaukee M18 and Makita 18V platforms averaging between 25-40%.

Makita 5007MG

Don't you hate it when your saw shoe gets bound up on something when you're in the middle of a cut? The 5007MG's magnesium shoe gives you a smooth cut with seriously tough performance, while it pours all 15 amps into some seriously fast cutting power. You'll love the heavy-duty cutting-depth hinge and the easy-to-read silver and black cutting-depth gauge. The rubber-coated adjustment knobs make for an easy grip instead of having to fight the older plastic ones that tend to slip. The only drawback on this great saw is the trigger opening, which is a little small if you need to wear gloves during the winter.

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