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With winter's chill in the air, you'll try anything to cut down drafts in a structure to keep it more comfortable. But which air and vapor barriers will provide the best results for your particular needs? In this post, we'll take a good look at several brands of air and vapor barrier in the market and give you a quick review of what they do best. Below we will discuss the quality brands we offer.


Carlisle Logo

When it comes to getting an air and vapor barrier up quickly, Carlisle has what it takes. All its air and vapor barriers are self adhesive, with one being a film that attaches to the structure and the other two being sprayed options that provide a superior seal, one of which is vapor permeable. The company also produces flashing that are designed to work with their building wrap products very well.

WR Grace

Grace Logo

If there's a single thing Grace does well, it's variety. This industry leader provides permeable and impermeable air and vapor barrier options that are available in a membrane film or spray-on application. Using a variety of materials, Grace has a membrane for virtually every project available. If you can't find it at Grace, there's a good chance it doesn't exist.


Dow Logo

Dow's entry into the building wrap business isn't that surprising, considering it's the company that's been so successful with sheet foam. Though it doesn't hold up to wear and tear as well as Tyvek, it does provide light insulating qualities, great if you've got a retrofit you want to insulate without bulking up the structure too much.


Tyvek Logo

If building wrap has an old standby, it's Tyvek. But don't think that makes it old-fashioned - DuPont is constantly creating upgrades to their Tyvek building wrap series, including wraps customized for homes or commercial buildings, insulating wraps, Flex-Wrap for going around small-radius curves and Stucco-Wrap, customized towards that particular finish.


3M Logo

When it comes to making things stick, this tape manufacturer has serious game. Its wrap can be applied in a wider range of temperatures, has superior UV resistance and is easy to install with a translucent finish that makes it easy to find the studs you're trying to locate. It doesn't require a primer and is easy to apply.


Typar Logo

Typar provides something a little different - a water and air barrier that does an exceptional job of allowing vapor to permeate the building envelope, important if you're worried about water leaks or moisture build up in the structure you're building. It also provides exceptional tear and UV resistance. It's considered by many contractors to be the number one building wrap in northern climates.

Poly America

Poly America Logo

When you need to get a structure wrapped quickly, Poly America's products wide widths and long rolls help make it happen. Its yellow polyethylene/polyolefin building barrier is available in 14' widths, with the 15 mil vapor barrier version being 140' long and the 10 mil vapor retarder being 210 feet long. It also provides a variety of wide-width plastic sheeting.

TVM Building Products

TVM Building Products Logo

If your project demands a reflective building wrap to help with heating and cooling costs, TVM should be your brand of choice. In addition to a variety of foil-faced vapor barriers that help conserve energy, TVM also offers thin foam insulated barriers that are also foil faced on both sides or on a single side with white polyethylene sheeting on the other.


Cantech Logo

Cantech does one thing and does it very, very well - manufacturing tape that meets a very wide range of applications. The company spends a lot of time and effort in product development and testing, and it shows in their products. There are a number of tapes offered that do a great job with barriers and wraps, including sheathing foam, reflective foam wrap and similar products.

Now that you know what's available and which brands would work best to meet your weatherization needs, why not take the next step? At Wallboard Supply Company, we're always happy to help you by providing more information, a free quote, setting up an order or scheduling a delivery that meets your work site needs. Please contact us today to get your project underway.

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