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Poor construction site management can lead to a variety of problems and difficulties. From projects that are not completed on time to potentially devastating accidents, a large part of poor management results from a lack of education. When contractors understand how education can impact their productivity, they can take the necessary steps to improve the situation.

Problems associated with poor training

Employees who are poorly trained, especially on a construction site, can impact every stage of the job. These workers are significantly more prone to having accidents, inefficient job completion, and often require considerably more oversight that employees who can be trusted to complete their job well.


In addition to potentially causing injuries, accidents also slow down the course of a project, destroy construction materials, and even results in fines or official reprimands. A construction company that is regularly plagued by accidents will find it exceptionally difficult to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

Inefficient job completion

Construction ConesEmployees who are poorly trained will not have the necessary knowledge about how to complete the various steps of the project. They may need regular instruction about how to perform certain tasks, or they might try to determine the right course of action themselves and end up completing it incorrectly.

Untrained employees will also make basic mistakes such as improper material storage. If you have a drywall delivery arrive for example, these employees might place it in an area where it is in danger of becoming excessively wet or otherwise damaged. It might be in the way of other projects and require being moved again as well. These small grievances will quickly add up to lost time and lost money.

Additional oversight

As a construction site manager, you have a number of responsibilities on your plate. You work to coordinate different aspects of the project with your subordinates while also being in dialog with the client, subcontractors, and building materials suppliers. You do not have time to provide constant supervision for those employees who do not know how to do their jobs correctly. This extra time will easily cause the project to fall behind and cause you to spend excessive time monitoring others’ activities.

How to improve construction training

When faced with the various costs that can arise from improper training and how this can disrupt projects and your management plan, it should become clear the importance of properly educating all those who work under you. This does not only mean training people how to use new pieces of equipment, it also means training crews and supervisors how to improve productivity. Productivity and efficiency should be seen as responsibilities of everyone. The project should be planned and outlined to maximize the workers' time and avoid waiting around and excessive down time. There are variety of programs and software that allow managers to plan schedules and shifts with the long term goals in mind.

Jobsite education class

Those who are going to be leading projects should be given training in project management. As a part of your training, you should work on improving communication. Often those leading the work site know what they are looking to have completed, but the message can become disrupted as it makes its way to workers.

Workers should always be given adequate job training. Apprenticeship programs can be excellent for ensuring that all workers have the skills they need to perform their jobs well. Look for workers that come not only with the right education and skills, but also those with a reliable work ethic.

When you train both your supervisors and your workers on the importance of productivity and how to manage a job site, you can begin building a relationship of trust. You will not feel as though you need to be perpetually supervising, and your employees will appreciate not being so closely managed. As this trust grows, it can even improve motivation and employee morale, which can boost productivity even more.

Improving productivity on construction sites can help increase client satisfaction, improve profits, and give the business a chance to shine. A considerable amount of this improvement comes down to education. When your supervisors are equipped to manage the workers and the workers know how to do their jobs, the worksite will be improved. Keep the above factors in mind and take the time to invest in employee education. It can pay out considerably in the end.

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