Kick off Your Next Project with These Cool Stadium Designs

Whether it was the Romans at the Colosseum or the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, there's nothing that screams sports as loudly as a stadium. But behind every major-league team's home turf is a talented architectural team that has created a truly amazing design. Whether you need inspiration for your man cave or are looking for something to dress up your school's existing stadium, you'll find awesome inspiration in these top five cool stadium designs:

1. Beijing National Stadium, Beijing, China

Beijing National Stadium, Beijing, China

The designers at Beijing National Stadium had a challenge: to put Beijing on the map culturally while still reflecting the region's traditional roots. Add to that the standards required of an Olympic stadium, and you can imagine the difficulty. Fortunately, the designers soared, creating two separate structures. The exterior steel structure, often referred to as a bird's nest, reflects the designs found in Chinese-style crazed pottery, while providing solid support to the roof in this earthquake-prone area, while the red concrete seating bowl seats up to 71,000 people.

2. Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

How do you design a single arena for two different teams? The designers for Allianz Arena wrapped the stadium's exterior in transparent materials to allow light to pass through. When the Bayern Munchen are playing, the exterior is lit with red, and when the TSV 1860 Munchen are playing, the lights are changed to blue. Though a revolving, multi-colored scheme was recommended at one point, the police pushed for a single color after traffic accidents on the neighboring autobahn, Ag, were caused by the changing colors. Whoever happens to be playing, the structure's over 55,000 seats makes for an impressive crowd and a great game.

3. Wembley Stadium, London, England

Wembley Stadium, London, England

As a state-of-the-art national stadium and the second-largest stadium in Europe, London's Wembley takes the prize. Built in 2007, its retractable roof lets in the sunshine on fine days while keeping out the London drizzle on rainy ones. But all that awesome comes with a price, as Wembley Stadium's $1.3 billion price tag shows. Fortunately, with its ability to seat 90,000 football fans at a go, it should be paid down before too long.

4. AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, United States

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, United States

Whether the Cowboys are winning or not, AT&T Stadium in Texas is our American version of Wembley, including the $1.3 billion price tag. But since they do everything bigger in Texas, the stadium is no exception, able to hold up to 105,000 people with seating for 90,000. This unique feature makes it one of the few American stadiums that can actually fit more sports fans in with standing room only. But wherever you sit, you'll have a great view with the world's fourth-largest jumbotron. It's only been hit a couple times with very high punts, but fortunately Mitsubishi had designed the 175 foot display to be Texas tough.

5. Sapporo Dome, Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo Dome, Sapporo, Japan

Though you might think the aliens have touched down with a UFO, Sapporo Dome is a truly unique stadium home to Consadole Sapporo. Its unique, futuristic design has it in the running as a stadium for the 2020 Olympics. It can seat over 40,000 for soccer games on the grass, but also plays host to baseball teams, including a completely changeable turf to artificial for baseball. A pneumatic system changes out the stadium's retractable grass pitch, referred to as a "hovering soccer field", making fine use of the land space the stadium requires.

By keeping these stadiums in mind when creating your homage to football, either American or otherwise, you'll be able to pull together an amazing design that will have your friends envious of your awesome space. If you need help finding the right exterior products for your next project, be sure to view our exterior product website and our special order service will help you find the perfect fit for your athletic ambitions. Click the image below to start browsing.

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Sources: - Images courtesy of Wikipedia's Creative Commons.

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