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DeWalt Tool Connect

The folks at DeWalt are known for being amazingly innovative, and their Connect technology is just more excellence from this company. Pairing your batteries with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, it provides you with a wide range of options for battery management, security and control that you can't find anywhere else. In this post, we'll discuss the details of this technology and what it can do for your work site.

What it is

DeWalt has developed their Tool Connect mobile app ( download on Google Play here - download on Apple Store here ) to work with their 20V Max batteries. Using Bluetooth technology, your mobile device can be paired with the batteries. At that point, you can receive alerts, connect to and control your paired battery. Using the app, you can identify your batteries, remotely enable or disable your battery or run a diagnostic on a problem battery. You can check how well your batteries are charged and set how long your battery pack can be used before it's disabled. Watch the video below for a quick overview.

Running Remote Diagnostics

The app lets you look at the current condition of your battery. The diagnostics section of the app lets you know if your battery is too cold to run effectively, too hot to operate without damage, when it's in need of a charge or when it's done charging. It'll even send you an alert when it needs charging, which is great if you've got a crew member who is famous for running your batteries down to the point of no return. It can also notify you when it's done charging, preventing a lot of running back and forth, and will also send a notification if your battery has gotten too hot. Instead of spending your time checking whether or not your battery is ready to go, you can check your app and go on about your day.

Customize Your Alerts and Notifications

Another interesting feature is the capability to control other's use of your battery if you need to loan it out on a work site or are worried about batteries wandering off. If you need to lend your battery out to someone, your app’s lend feature lets you program a set time after which it is disabled. No more worries about loaning out your battery "just for an hour" and not getting it back for a week, because after an hour, it won't work anymore until you enable it again. And if you have someone on your crew who regularly claims wayward or loaned tools as their own, you can trigger the battery to provide a built-in ID light, giving you proof positive of whose battery it is and saving your investment.

Specific Details

DeWalt Tool Connect Battery and Smartphone

To connect with the DeWalt Bluetooth battery packs, you need a mobile device that has Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth 4.0 technology. You'll also need to install the DeWalt Tool Connect app ( download on Google Play here - download on Apple Store here ), which is available for and compatible with most mobile devices, though you should check your app store to see whether it will work with your particular device. If you purchase or borrow a different smart device, you can download the app and log in to sync your cloud data to that device. You will need to enter settings at that point and choose "Download My Tools List" so that you may access the batteries you have listed online.

The app requires Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart in the product, which includes DeWalt's 20V Max Battery packs DCB204BT or DCB203BT available in the US. You don't need to maintain an internet connection through a standard or data connection once you've completed your initial registration process. When you can get a connection for your device, the Tool Connect app will back up your tools list to cloud storage periodically, a process that requires no monitoring or manual performance.

It's amazing the things that you can do with nothing more than the DeWalt 20V Max Batteries and a compatible mobile device to secure and manage your job site assets. If you want more information on the DeWalt Connect app and related products, please feel free to contact us using the button below.

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