DeWalt's FLEXVOLT Batteries: Get Next Level Power and Performance

Flex Volt 60v

You know what it's like. You get done with a relatively simple task, then need to change to corded tools that provide more power. Once you've completed that project, you need to switch back to a lower-powered tool system again. You know you could get better efficiency out of your crew's time if you could avoid all the switching! Fortunately, the innovative engineers at DeWalt have heard your call and have developed their new FLEXVOLT batteries and line of tools to create exactly what you need. Here are the details to help you get started.

Cordless tools tend to be safer than corded tools in rough worksite conditions, as there is less hazard of accidentally cutting a cord or being shocked by a short in your extension cord. But cordless tools also often have drawbacks, primarily in terms of power available to get the job done. What's even worse, you often have to work between the convenience of cordless tools and the power of corded alternatives. You can spend a lot of time going between these two systems, losing precious time that could be better spent getting your project done. Though we could imagine that the future could have a better way, it seems a long way off. Fortunately, DeWalt has brought tomorrow's technology to your hands.

Flex Volt 60v On Dewalt Saw

Set up to be backwards compatible with DeWalt's 20V tool series, the FLEXVOLT battery can automatically detect the required amount of power for 20 volt, 60 volt or 120 volt tools. When used with DeWalt's classic 20 volt tool line, each of these batteries will deliver four times the amount of power you'd expect compared to the batteries from that series. The 60 volt batteries can also be paired to form a single 120 volt battery, providing the same amount of power you'd expect from corded tools.

The company has also developed a line of tools to work with the 60 and 120 volt power sources. In the 60 volt line, you can now purchase a powerful grinder, circular saw, recip saw, a table saw and a powerful stud and joist drill kit. In the 120 volt line, two batteries can be paired to run a couple different 12" miter saw options. Though they are both double bevel compound miter saws, the first has a fast charger while the second is a sliding miter saw that includes DeWalt's Cutline blade positioning system and a dual-port fast charger. Both miter saws include two 60 volt batteries, a 120 volt AC adapter.

Flex Volt 20v on Dewalt Drill

DeWalt has also developed a line of accessories, including blades, hole saws and abrasives, to maximize your tool run time before you need to change batteries. With all these options available, you can quickly improve your job site efficiency. Instead of spending all your time chasing down and changing out different tools, you'll be able to keep your crew running effectively. At the same time, you won't have to start with a completely new tool system - you'll simply need to build out your collection with the higher voltage tools while using your existing tools with the new batteries. You instantly get the flexibility of a wide range of tools, including those you're already very familiar with. Watch the video below to learn more!

DeWalt's FLEXVOLT batteries provide you with a range of flexibility that gives you the convenience of cordless tools with the power you'd expect from corded options. It also allows you to use as much or as little power as is needed for each task you need to complete without having to switch to a different tool system. If you're ready to upgrade to this flexible tool system option, we can help. Wallboard Supply Company has been providing contractors with everything they need for decades, proudly serving New England with the best tools, materials and special order items you could ask for. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, to get a quote or to schedule a delivery to your job site.

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