DEXcell Roof Boards from NGC

Dexcell Roof Boards From NGC

National Gypsum Board Company, one of the largest gypsum board producers in North America, launched DEXcell, a conglomerate of up-to-date and hard-wearing roof boards for commercial roofing systems.

The DEXcell Brand consists of three products:

  • DEXcell Brand Glass Mat Roof Board
  • DEXcell Brand FA Glass Mat Roof Board
  • DEXcell Brand Cement Roof Board

DEXcell products hold various approvals and are in alignment with numerous industry standards making their roofing products resistant to mold, while also providing a fire blockade for commercial structures such as hotels, hospitals, and schools.

Roof Board Particulars

- DEXcell Glass Mat Roof Board and DEXcell FA Glass Mat Roof Board are manufactured to resist mold. They are designed for use as a cover-board or thermal obstruction in commercial roofing applications. These products score and incise smoothly and are especially finished on the front, rear, and sides for trouble-free handling.

Guys Roofing- DEXcell Glass Mat Roof Board is perfectly suitable for mechanically attached roofing systems and has encrusted fiberglass facers with an ameliorated gypsum core.

- DEXcell FA Glass Mat Roof Board is created for fully supported roof systems, and produced with heavy-duty coated fiberglass facers with an improved gypsum core.

- DEXcell FA Glass Mat Roof Boards are perfectly designed for a broad range of roofing systems along with, but not restricted to, fully supported single ply membranes, mechanically affixed roof systems, adapted bitumen, developed roofing, fluid applied spray foam and metal. It is also used on the roof side of low or parapet walls.

- DEXcell BRAND Cement Roof Board is a gossamer type moisture and mold resilient cement board manufactured for use as a cover board or thermal obstruction in all commercial roofing applications. It administers a fire-wall and thermal barrier. Portland cement is used for manufacturing, glass mesh, and a lightweight mixture of substances that produce a remarkably solid, long-lasting surface.

National Gypsum integrated its lightweight cement board know-how to produce a multipurpose product for all commercial roofing applications. DEXcell Brand Cement Roof Board offers a superb defense against dampness if trapped beneath the roofing membrane for an extensive length of time. In addition, the cement roof board has outstanding freeze and thaw properties.

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