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Patio Doors

Finishing is an important part of the overall look and feel of your new or remodeled door. Choosing the appropriate trim and hardware can add a unique and personal feel to the job.Your choices are a reflection of your experience and your professional understanding of how the options contribute to the finished product. Many door manufacturers try to do it all, but it is important to have various sources with different specialties to consult.


Huttig is one company that provides many varying options for doors and the associated finishing. Indoor, outdoor, and patio doors all have separate purposes and designs. It is vital to determine the type of door needed for a specific job and the purposes behind the distinctive designs. For garages, PDQ Doors provides specialized products that meet the needs of your new garage door. From wood to steel, different materials serve distinct functions.

Wholesale Doors Inc.

Door Keys in a LockFor commercial applications, Wholesale Doors Inc. has a range of products including bathroom stalls, pre-hung doors, partitions, and temporary doors. BCS Sales provides hardware and security options for these applications and others that prioritize security. Their doors are famous for their durability, and they can withstand the abuse many industrial and commercial doors receive.


BROSCO has countless options for inside the home. The available doors and moldings provide many original looks. Your choices in wood, molding, and trim allow for the freedom to create a truly delightful and unique home entry way. The heavier woods offer greater protection and energy efficiency.


Blast Door

Cendrex produces doors for security compartments and access ways. These doors are simpler in design, prioritizing security and material strength over fashion.Many are rated to withstand fire. They are often used for wall safes or for crawl spaces. Remember to verify with the manufacturer that the door is applicable to your environment. Steel doors, for example, have a brief life in coastal regions with a sea breeze. Salt corrodes them faster than other options. This problem isn't applicable to other climates.

Knowing what you need is only half of the battle. The other half is finding it. These companies provide dependable services to contractors. These companies are not only for contractors: Smart and enterprising individuals with a knack for do-it-yourself construction also take advantage of these resources.

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Drywall Finishing and Trims Product Guide

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