Drone On: How Drones are Gaining Ground in Construction

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They're being used in the military, agriculture and emergency management, to name just a few specific industries. Drones have been gaining popularity in both public and private aspects of our lives. But how much difference can they make in the construction industry? Quite a lot, according to industry studies, potentially adding up to billions of dollars. Here's a bit more on how drones can help reduce waste in the construction industry.

But where do the economics of using drones fall in your business? Many construction companies are finding significant savings right from the beginning. Whether it's on larger projects that demand manned aircraft or a need for faster, more frequent measurements than is affordable with survey crews, drones are becoming big business in construction.

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This process allows for more accurate tracking of construction site progress than has ever been possible before. By pairing drones with appropriate construction software, you can take the data provided by the drones and turn them into volume measurements, topographical maps and 3D models of the building's structure. Having this information allows you to trim your overhead and make your business more flexible, because now you know what resources are needed in what amount. This in turn allows you to limit delays to your projects and better estimate your business capabilities for upcoming possibilities.

Though it's relatively easy to find the drones you'll need to get the measurements, putting that data to use can often be a different story. Digitization is the process of using data, processing analytics and outside information to create a better picture of a project, job site and business situation. Though many software companies have built the capability to gather large amounts of data, many of them are just starting to develop programs capabilities to process that data into useful information.

For this reason, if you're interested in getting into drone technology for your business, it's important that you look at potential products with your eyes wide open. What are the drone's capabilities? What kind of measurements can you take with it? Is it able to be flown by anyone with a little training or is it large enough to require a pilot's license for operation? Don't forget to take a solid look at customer reviews and information on construction forums to ensure your investment is well spent and that the drone you select will provide you with data long into the future.

Drone Sunset

Once you've had the opportunity to look at the possibilities for drones, it's time to start considering what you'll need to pick up in terms of software to analyze the data you'll gather from your drone. But what should you look for in your software package? Start out by finding what kind of data it can process to get better analytics from your data. Does it have connectivity to other software you already use, such as QuickBooks or Office? Though it may be less expensive to purchase a single piece of software to handle just the data analysis, it may not give you everything you need to keep up with new trends.

Good digitization packages don't work separately from other programs or act as a complete stand-alone solution; it will have capabilities to integrate digitization across the board, rather than being limited to only analyzing your drone's data. But why do you need a package that integrates everything across your business? Current trends suggest that businesses that invest in software that works in this fashion are able to see significant gains as they are able to better adapt to changes in the market and industry.

When it comes to drones and innovations in technology, many early adopters are seeing great benefits in terms of improved profitability and lower overhead and waste. At Wallboard Supply Company, we've been helping our customers stay on top of the latest innovations in construction for over four decades. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions, to get a free quote or to schedule a delivery to your job site.

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