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At Wallboard Supply Company, we love having the opportunity to help our contractors. Now we've got a great benefit for you - our free ebook covering the LEED credentialing process for commercial contractors. Though we'll tell you how to get your own copy below, here's a look at what the process looks like and how it can benefit your business. The commercial contracting industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. As society has become more aware of our impact on the environment, our industry has had an influx of new products and standards to meet the demands our clients place on their projects. One of the most prevalent standards used is LEED certification for a building or LEED credentialing for a contractor.

For LEED certification, a building can earn a certain number of points in a number of different areas to show that it has been constructed in an environmentally conscious fashion. LEED credentialing, also known as LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP), is a program that certifies a contractor has had a certain amount of training or education in environmentally friendly construction techniques, in addition to other requirements.

Benefits of the LEED AP Program

ECO Glass BuildingBy becoming LEED AP credentialed, your business will be able to more confidently bid on commercial construction that requires LEED certification. LEED credentialing also shows that you will take a higher standard of care on your projects and you can take pride in a job well done. You can provide better value for your clients through reduced energy costs, tax credits, healthier employees and better public relations. At the same time, you'll have a lower overhead by cutting construction waste while charging a higher premium for your expertise. 

LEED AP also helps you keep up with the latest changes in the industry. As you maintain your accreditation, you'll stay on top of all the changes that are going on while staying at the top of your clients' list of go-to contractors for their next big project. You'll also be a step ahead of the competition because of your specific knowledge in the field.

Your professional reputation will also benefit from LEED AP credentialing. Beyond being able to show that you know how to work with the LEED program through a certified building, it shows that you are very familiar with the entire process and the technologies behind it. If a client's question is outside your area of expertise, you've got contacts within the LEED AP program that can subcontract under you.

The Process of LEED AP Credentialing

LEED Gold SignFor commercial contracting, you'll want to look at the specific LEED AP credential BD+C, which is intended for building designers, architects and commercial contractors. These categories typically include a building's efficiency and environmental impact during the initial new construction and site impact. The credentialing process itself involves a number of different areas where you must show experience or education.

Because LEED certified buildings have features that exceed those of standard building design, it's highly recommended that you work on at least one or two projects before starting the process, though it's no longer required for the credentialing process. To take the exam, you'll need to be at least 18 and you'll need to get 170 points out of 200 on the exam, which is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic and French.

The biggest part of the process is studying for and sitting the exam. The questions fall under task questions, aimed at showing that you have the skills needed to get a building LEED certified, or knowledge tasks, which are intended to show that you have the knowledge to build the documentation for a LEED certified building. Our ebook includes a number of references that you'll find helpful for LEED AP. 

Now that you've had the opportunity to see how LEED AP credentialing can benefit your business, why not take the next step? Our free LEED AP Credentialing for Commercial Contractors ebook is available for download - just it out below.

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