Hilti: A Contractor's Review of High Quality Tools

Hilti Tools

If there's a company known for putting their money where their mouth is, it's Hilti. Though it's been known for years as a manufacturer of high quality contractor grade tools, this awesome company from the tiny country of Liechtenstein is always innovating and improving on what is already exceptional design. Here's a quick look at what Hilti has to offer:

BX 3-IF: Battery-Actuated Reality

Hilti: BX 3-IF: Battery-Actuated Reality

A new part of Hilti's 18V cordless system, the BX 3 is getting attention all across the industry. Because it doesn't use a propellant, it's much quieter, which allows your crews to work during daylight hours in locations where the noise would otherwise require nighttime operation. It also provides much more consistent drive, giving you much better quality control results. It drives up to 600 fasteners in a charge, and because it's part of the 18V system, interchanging batteries is a simple process.

DSH 700-x and 900-X: Fast Start for Easy Operation

Hilti: DSH 900-X Gas Saw

Hilti's versatile gas-powered 70cc and 90cc saws provide plenty of power for cutting through tough concrete slabs, sewer pipes and asphalt paving, but it's the patented "Easy Start" system that's getting contractor attention. As an adjustable choke, the system allows you to set it so you can just flip a switch, pull the cord and start cutting. It also incorporates Hilti's Cyclone Air Filtration System, which removes most dust and debris from the combustion air, providing a smoother operation and less wear and tear on a high-quality saw.

PR 300-HV2S: Tough Precision

Hilti: PR 300-HV2S Rotating Laser

When it comes to jobsite accuracy, nothing beats a laser - at least until it gets dropped, kicked or bumped over on the job site. But Hilti's PR 300-HV2S is a seriously tough contender. Hilti has combined laser accuracy with their renowned drop-resistant technology to provide horizontal, vertical, and dual-slope layout with a rotating laser that's as tough as your job site. It doesn't just turn back on after a hard knock, it gets right back into the game just as accurate as ever. If it does lose accuracy, Hilti has built-in adjustment so that a simple trip to the service center gets you right back into operation again. Did we mention that's covered in the awesome warranty?

HIT-RE 500 V3: Making it Stick

Hilti: HIT-RE 500 V3 Adhesive Anchor System

When many tool manufacturers get something so completely right as Hilti's HIT-RE 500 Adhesive Anchor System, they tend to rest on the laurels of the awesome tool they've just developed. Not Hilti. After the original became a legend in the industry, Hilti continued developing their adhesive anchor system to make it even better than it has been before. So how do you improve on a legend? Create the first epoxy that sets up in below-freezing temperatures. They get ICC approval for cracked and uncracked concrete in every single seismic zone. Provide a 60% increase in the published load performance. That's how Hilti gets it done.

New 12V Lineup: Lightweight Power

It may seem like everyone is coming out with a 12V lineup of power tools these days, and Hilti is no different. But where other 12V lines seem like the kid's version of the grown-up 18V lines, Hilti has developed this lineup for jobs just as tough and demanding as their 18V siblings. Currently offered are a hammer drill/driver, impact driver and cordless screwdriver. All three features a great balance and ergonomic design, making it easy to work with these 2.5 pound tools all day long with lower noise and advanced performance.

As you can see, the tools developed by Hilti are already exceptional, even before their 20-2-1 warranty, offering a 20-year warranty against manufacturing defects, a 2-year free repair service even if damage was caused from wear and tear and a guaranteed 1-day turnaround on repairs. If you'd like to try out some Hilti tools, find the perfect fit for your work crew demands or just have a few questions, please feel free to drop by one of our locations in New England. You can also request more information by calling 1-888-733-0435 or email us using the button below.

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Images courtesy: hilti.com

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