How to Remove Radon from Your Basement

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We are continuously discovering new things that pose a threat to our health. However, there is one many people are not aware of, yet it is a common problem in most households. Radon is a gas that occurs in nature.

This gas cannot be seen due to the fact that it is colorless, tasteless, and does not have a scent. Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause different types of cancer to develop in those who have had a long-term exposure to this gas. Since radon is a gas that you breathe in, it usually takes a toll on the lungs and causes the most harm here first which can result in lung cancer. As frightening as that can be, it can be removed by a professional.

How Radon Enters the Home and Why You Need A Professional

Jobsite Education ClassOnce you've consulted with a professional, how the radon enters your home will be the first step along with radon testing to determine the severity of the situation.

There are several ways radon can enter the home. Cracks in basement floors are usually obvious signs of where the radon is coming through. However, other things that are much harder to find such as loose fitting pipes and spaces in construction joints can cause leakage as well. Typically, radon works its way through the basement up through the floors of your home or office. The basement tends to have the highest amount of radon due to it being closest to ground level.

How a Professional Will Remove It

A ventilation system may need to be set up in your home to filter out this harmful gas. Before the ventilation it is best to open all doors and windows to help fresh air circulate. How the process is done will depend on the individuals case since every case is different. It is always best to consult with a professional rather than attempting a DIY project.

Attempting and failing at removing the radon will continue to expose everyone who lives in the home or anyone who works in the office even longer. A professional can remove the radon and help prevent it as well. This service is offered to both residential and commercial homes and buildings. It is best that every building have a radon testing since there are no symptoms until it's too late.

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