What You Need to Know about Interior Gypsum Panels

Drywall stacked in a warehouseYou can call it sulphate of lime, or even use the technical term of calcium sulphate dihydroxide.  Either way, you’re talking about gypsum. Gypsum is a mineral compound that's increasingly being used as a component in interior drywall boards, and with very good reason. Interior gypsum panels have a number of ideal uses, and they consistently outscore traditional drywall boards in all of them.

Standard Gypsum Panels

Gypsum panels come in a variety of different types to suit individual needs. Standard panels are typically the least expensive choice, and their features are found in all gypsum panels across the board. Features include:

  • Resistance to mold, moisture and mildew
  • Resistance to fire and heat
  • Durable yet easy to cut without elaborate, heavy-duty tools
  • Easy to install and finish
  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified: Many gypsum panels carry GREENGUARD certification, which means they meet the strict chemical emissions limits required for indoor use. This can contribute to a healthier, safer air quality in the home or business.
Stacks of gypsum board in a drywall supply warehouse.

Gypsum boards’ resistance to moisture makes them particularly well-suited for bathrooms, kitchen sink areas and damp environments. Their ability to resist fire and heat help them serve as a buffer between a room’s interior and the structure’s wooden framework behind the walls. If you're used to working with traditional drywall, you'll find gypsum panels just as easy to cut, install and finish. You'll also be helping to maintain a healthier interior without the risk of the panels emitting high levels of harmful chemicals.

Specialized Gypsum Panels

Sometimes your clients may have specialized needs for specific areas of the home or business, which is where other types of gypsum panels come in. In addition to enjoying all the benefits of the standard panels, specialized panels come with an array of additional features.

Sound Control

Rooms which are either particularly noisy or need to be kept quiet can benefit from gypsum boards designed to control sound. Such boards can reduce the amount of noise that filters in and out of the room.

Residential uses can include bedrooms or nurseries to keep sound out. They also work well in game rooms or family rooms to keep noise from penetrating to other areas of the home. Using a sound control board on specific walls, such as one between a bedroom and the family room’s wall-mounted TV set, is another ideal option. Commercial applications for sound control boards can include yoga and meditation studios, broadcasting and recording studios, classrooms and areas used for band or choir practice.

Resistance to Heavy Abuse and Impact

Two more types of panels include those designed to withstand heavy abuse and others that stand up to high impacts. While the two types are similar, heavy impact boards have an additional layer of durability over panels designed for heavy abuse.

Recycled DrywallHeavy abuse panels feature a high-density gypsum core encased in abrasion-resistant paper. This gives them to power to stand up to scraping, scuffing, abrasions and slight indentations that may otherwise mar the standard board. Residential uses can include hallways, game rooms or children’s play areas. Commercial uses run the gamut from schools to hospitals, day-care centers to office corridors.

Heavy impact boards are for areas likely to be subjected to impact from hard objects. Even more durable than the high-abuse boards, heavy impact panels are designed to resist impact and penetration through the drywall. The garage is an ideal place for heavy impact boards, especially in areas where tools or gardening implements are stored. They also work well in weight rooms, kickboxing studios or other areas where potential impacts from hard objects may otherwise make a hole in standard drywall.

Outfitting a home or business with several different types of interior gypsum panels can ensure specific needs are met while keeping projects economical. Even the standard gypsum panels give you an edge over traditional drywall, helping to ensure high quality, performance and customer satisfaction rates.

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