Is it time to replace your roof?

Different Roof Tiles on The Roof

When you're considering damage to your roof, you may wonder at what point you should repair it or when you need to look at completely replacing your roof. We know you've got questions, so we've taken a good look at some solid signs to help you determine when your roof needs to be replaced. Here are some things to look for to help you make the decision:

  • How old is your roof? If you know how long your roof is expected to last, you'll have a better idea of when you need to start saving for a roofing replacement. Shingled roofs typically last 20-25 years, especially if they've had the old roofing torn off and has proper ventilation to ensure it doesn't start degrading from heat buildup. If your roof is installed over a layer or two of shingles or isn't well ventilated, you can expect the short end of that range and should start working towards replacing it as soon as possible.
  • How bad is the damage? If your roof is having issues because of storm damage, you may be able to repair it and get several more years' service out of your existing roof. If you weren't able to save a few shingles from when it was last replaced, you may not be able to come up with a perfect match, so you'll have to weigh where you stand on having a few mis-matched shingles versus how long you're going to remain in your home. If there is significant damage but it's all on one side of your roof, you may be able to have only that side replaced. If you're expecting to get 10-15 years of additional service out of your shingles, repairing the damage may make more financial sense than replacing the entire roof.
  • Guy Putting in Shingels What shape are the shingles in? If your shingles are in good shape, lying flat against the roof, you're probably okay letting your roof go a little longer before worrying about a replacement. But if your shingles are cupping, curling or breaking, or if the granules are coming off easily, it's time to look at replacing it. 
  • What shape is the valley in? If you've got a place where two roof angles come together, forming a valley, it's one of the most important places to check if you're considering a roofing replacement. Valleys not only have higher amounts of water running through them, causing more wear and tear, they're also one of the areas where your roof is most likely to leak. If your valley looks like it's seriously worn, it's time to look at replacement.
  • Are there leaks from the middle of your roof? Leaks near changes in roof pitch, in valleys or around dormers are usually caused by problems in flashing or sealant, requiring repair rather than replacement. But if your leaks are forming in the middle of a flat section of roof, there's a good change your roof is leaking. Another way to inspect for this type of damage is to see if you can see daylight through your roofing boards or if your attic insulation is wet in those areas.

A roofing replacement is a big investment, so make sure you actually need it before you start the process. Talk to several quality roofing contractors to determine who you want to do the work for you. With a wide range of roofing supplies, Wallboard Supply Company has the answers you need. Contact us today to research your options for details.

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