Job Site Safety and How to Prevent Accidents

Construction worker safety meeting

Job site complacency is a major factor in the cause of accidents in the work place. Each year there are over 2 million accidents causing injuries serious enough to prevent them from returning to work.

Many of these injured workers require ongoing medical care. It’s our job as employers to maintain a safe workplace by preventing accidents or hazardous conditions.

Though job safety is the owner’s responsibility to implement the safety precautions and standards, it is ultimately the worker’s responsibility to exercise them.

New personnel must be indoctrinated in the safety practices utilized and periodic safety meetings will not only help in awareness, but also bring to light new concerns.

Construction truck accidentShort Cuts

It’s common for work to fall behind schedule at times, but don’t condone short cuts to make up time. Always follow instructions and don’t begin a job until they are fully comprehended.

Vehicular Accidents

OSHA states accidents driving company vehicles accounts for an average of $60 billion a year. Always keep the company vehicles in good repair. Train the employees to inspect the vehicles before they depart.

Write down all discrepancies. Have them check the oil and antifreeze, turn signals, gas followed by the tire pressures. Place a “Hows my driving?” on the rear of the vehicles. The operators tend to drive safer when they are afraid of someone calling the number and reporting them for driving aggressively.

Have OSHA send you the book on work-related roadway crashes. It contains prevention strategies, policies and programs to implement in your workplace. Have the driver’s read this information and sign a document stating they have read the material.

Dress for the Weather

Construction workers crossing street in snowstormYou wouldn’t think this is an issue and that the employees should have enough sense to dress appropriately for the weather. OSHA states that a multitude of accidents are directly related to temperatures and the way employees dress.

Exposure to extreme conditions – either cold or hot – can cause accidents. A worker dressed in a shirt and hoody working on a roof in below freezing temperatures can obviously be a hazard to himself or fellow workers.

At the same time a worker exposed to extremely hot weather or temperatures can easily get dehydrated or sunstroke.

Always make sure the workers are required to dress appropriately and make use of the devices made available to him to remain in good health.

Provide a heat source whenever possible during extreme cold or shade when working in extremely hot climates.

Make sure they stay hydrated and take breaks as deemed necessary.

Safety glasses from pyramexTool Safety

Delegate someone to inspect the tools and make sure all safety devices are installed and working properly. Make sure the tools themselves are working properly as well.

Wearing safety goggles when using saws or impact tools is mandatory.

Safety Equipment

Insure than all workers wear the appropriate OSHA required safety equipment, knee or elbow pads, steel toed shoes, hard hats and so on and that it is worn properly.


Insure all workers are well trained on the tools they plan on operating and are familiar with the safety devices.

Good Housekeeping

Insure all work areas remain clean. Don’t allow trash buildup in the work areas or clutter.

Safety and Health Brochure CTA

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