Knauf EcoBatt Glasswool Insulation

Knauf Ecobatt Insulation

EcoBatt Glasswool is the next generation of superior sustainable insulation. It might not look exactly like the insulation you are used to, because it is a natural brown color which represents a high-level of long-life durability. This natural brown color was not produced - it occurred naturally. Also EcoBatt Glasswool is made of sand, recycled bottle glass, and ECOSE Technology. ECOSE Technology is a new bonding agent created from bio-based materials - traditional fiberglass insulation is made from petroleum-based chemicals. ECOSE Technology does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors, which is used to make the regular fiberglass insulation.

The benefits of using EcoBatt Glasswool are:

  • This type of insulation delivers exceptional, high-quality handling and performance capabilities.
  • This insulation is thermally efficient and provides the best type of insulation people are wanting.
  • Insulation in houseIt also provides a great acoustical barrier, reducing airborne sound transmissions, greatly improves STC ratings, and enhances productivity.
  • The material itself recovers quickly, is durable, and is easy to cut.
  • This material is much less dusty than the petroleum-based material, it has a friendlier presence to it, has a pleasant, earthy scent, and gives off a natural installed appeal.
  • The greatest features of using EcoBatt Glasswool is its environmental and health benefits - there are no harmful chemicals. You can breathe freely, as you won't be breathing in any harmful chemicals and fibers.

The reason EcoBatt Glasswool is more sustainable than other products is because its inherently sustainable, being made from a highly recycled and renewable product. Because it's not only made from sand, but 30 percent of postconsumer recycled bottle glass, this makes it a great sustainable living product.

Glasswool insulation, with its superior ECOSE Technology, sets it apart from the pack. ECOSE Technology was intensely researched and developed over a five year period, is extremely sustainable with its binder technology, is based on renewable bio-based materials, and doesn't have harmful chemicals.

The bottom line is that EcoBatt Glasswool insulation is environmentally friendly, sustainable and much easier to handle. And with all the research and testing, EcoBatt Glasswool has been determined to be a much better and durable product than traditional fiberglass insulation products. There doesn't seem to be any cons associated with using EcoBatt Glasswool!

EcoBatt Glasswool is just one product offered by Knauf. Wallboard Supply Company proudly carries Knauf products. Take a look at this video as it explains a few of the products that Knaud offers. Call today for information and availability!

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