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Insulation is already a green product because it saves energy that would otherwise be used in heating and cooling. That makes it a vital part of the LEED credit point system in many areas, but some manufacturers have gone above and beyond by creating insulation products that are manufactured in an earth-friendly fashion or meet multiple areas of the LEED certification system. At Wallboard Supply Company, we've been serving our contractors for decades and have been providing LEED resources to help our builders understand the credentialing process. Our latest guide provides you with details on how to incorporate insulation into your LEED project and which products meet the different credit points.

Our link below will give you access to our free guide, but here's a look at what you'll find inside. With the influx of new products and our society's demand for more earth-friendly construction, LEED's certification process is becoming more and more popular. Paired with our guides: LEEP AP Homes Credentialing and LEED Accredited Professional BD+C Contractor, it helps form the backbone of your reference library for LEED construction requirements.

Benefits of LEED Insulation Requirements

LEED Silver Certification CertificateThough the first areas that come to mind in LEED insulation requirements are the benefits it brings to a building's overall energy efficiency, there are many other areas where insulation products can be used that help your project qualify for LEED credit points. Our previous guides on LEED AP credentialing outlined the process and the benefits of becoming credentialed, but didn't get as in-depth on the certification process for individual buildings. In this guide, we'll take a good look at how insulation products can be incorporated into that process.

From reusing salvage materials from structures that have been demolished, that save you money on materials and divert them from the landfill, to local sourcing points for using products sourced or manufactured within 500 miles of the construction site. We'll look at how insulation products can meet a wide range of LEED certification credit points, including several you may not have considered. We've also provided information on a number of insulation products that meet these certification points, whether through the use of recycled products in the manufacturing process or lower volatile organic compound content in the binders that hold it together.

By becoming familiar with LEED requirements as they apply to insulation, you'll be well-prepared to knowledgeably discuss a project with clients, putting you at the top of their go-to list for contractors. Because you have knowledge in the field, you'll also be a step ahead of your competition who know how to talk about the energy-efficiency prospects of a project but aren't otherwise familiar with the LEED process.

What's Inside the Guide

Insulation Product GuideSo what can you expect to find inside? We'll cover the basics of the LEED standard and how it was developed. On the systems and product types where LEED points are typically earned using insulation, details are laid out with some examples and basic specifications of what's required to meet the standard. Information about how different insulation types meet LEED requirements are listed along with the green construction features of specific insulation products which help make it easier to select the perfect product for your project. There are also links provided to general resources for the LEED certification programs, a variety of certification point guides, specifications, and links to each manufacturer's information pages on LEED-qualifying products.

The guide was written to provide you with a basic framework of how the LEED certification point system works, how different insulation types can be used to meet those specifications within particular situations, and additional details of how individual products often meet multiple requirements. It's laid out in an easy to read format so you can find the information you need quickly and easily.

As a business-savvy contractor, you can see the benefits available to your business in learning more about insulation products used in the LEED certification process. Our free guide to LEED credit points and insulation products will help you on your way - just download it below.

LEED Certified Building Insulation Product Guide

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