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Lecia 3d Distro Tool

As our world's rate of progress continues to speed up, we're seeing more and more technology entering the construction industry every day. From drones that help with security and provide more accurate measurements of the finished building to tool batteries that lock if they leave the job site and 3D visualization for safety training, technology is quickly becoming a way of life for construction. Lecia Geosystems is upping the ante by changing the construction worker's saying of "measure twice, cut once," by providing unparalleled accuracy with their 3D Disto tool. But what can this new tool bring to your job site and worker efficiency? We thought you'd never ask.

The 3D Disto provides new levels of accuracy and efficiency in measuring and projecting three-dimensional measurements onto the job site. It falls between a surveyor's robotic total station and an average handheld Disto device. The axes for vertical and horizontal turning are motorized, allowing you to get the measurement close and then allowing the device to finish pinpointing the exact point of target using the control tablet that is included or a Windows-based tablet. But exactly how accurate are the measurements? How about within 1/16" over 33'? The 3D Disto achieves this level of accuracy by calculating horizontal and vertical angles combined with slope distance. Here are some potential applications for this new tool:

Bridge the gap from CAD to reality.

Because of the accuracy allowed by the 3D Disto system, you can quickly bridge the gap between the plans and the real world with amazing precision, allowing you to confidently cut even the most expensive material.

Achieve 3D Visualization and Navigation.

Lecia 3D Distro Tablet

The connectivity with Windows-based devices allows you to display the result of your survey in three dimensions, giving you a better way to check measurements between three-dimensional points prior to beginning work. This allows you to deliver more accurate results to your clients in the long run.

Connects specs to real-world construction.

Because the 3D Disto is able to capture very precise measurements, it allows you to quickly capture real-world measurements. This helps prevent many issues down the road when the reality of the structure doesn't mesh exactly with the blueprints, allowing for last-minute changes in materials needed for the project.

Make Building Information Modeling a reality.

Whether you're working on projections for a building expected to meet particular LEED certification specifications or just want a better picture of how the anchor points and transfer points work together, the 3D Disto can quickly provide DFX data to your Windows-based tablet for analysis. It will even help you verify exact locations of critical construction points.

Check out this video where we will show you how accurately measure an ordinary residential fireplace by using Leica 3D Disto by Widows surface tablet. Leica 3D Disto provides superior precision and accuracy for 2D and 3D digital templating, measuring and scanning of shapes and objects up to 50m range even outside too.

The 3D Disto provides a great option for reducing your setup and layout times, helping you get the work done quickly and efficiently without a lot of extra man hours impacting your profitability. It is still, however, relatively new technology, and we certainly understand that you may have additional questions about how well it will work for your situation. At Wallboard Supply Company, our job is making sure you can do your job effectively, from providing you with high-quality advanced tools to get the job done to delivery of your material up to 110' above grade. Please feel free to contact our experienced associates with any questions about how the 3D Disto can help your job go more quickly and easily.

Leica 3D Distro Guide

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