Managing Rain and Snow Runoff this Spring

Guys working in the cold weatherRunoff occurs when the water produced from snow and rain storms is unable to be absorbed into the ground. It is important to be conscience of the water generated from the rain and snow runoff around your home that can be damaging.

Water can cause severe damage to your driveways, private roads, and the foundation of your home. It is important to inspect all drainage systems around your home at least once every six months to ensure any water damage is limited; this will prevent lasting damage to the concrete areas of your home.

Preventing Run-off

As a home owner, it is important to follow these guidelines that professionals urge home owners to remember when it comes to preventing runoff. It is critical to make sure that your storm gutter is functioning properly.

  • Frozen icicles hanging from a roof will cause spring runoff.Most of the runoff that is produced from rain and snow storms comes from your home's roof. It is a good idea to check for any holes or leaks in your roofs storm gutter to prevent erosion around your homes foundation. Your storm gutter should be more than 5 feet from your home; this will guarantee a limited amount of damage from the water produced.
  • Another way to prevent damage and erosion from rain and snow is to enhance your yards abilities to absorb water properly. By observing and taking note of where the most run-offs occur, you can assess and solve the problem very easily.
  • A simple way to increase the amount of water soaked into the ground is to plant more shrubs and trees in these areas. If the run off is occurring on pavement, you can create trenches for the leaks to soak into. When runoff occurs in solid walkways, it is a good idea to change them into paving stones with absorbable areas in-between.

Damage to your home's foundation can be expensive and detrimental. Following these simple steps to solve your run-off problems will ensure a lasting foundation and a better environment for you and your family. Minimizing dangerous run-off into your streets storm drains will also increase the cleanliness of your town's drinking waters.

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