Managing Mold in Your Home

Moldy Walls

Now more than ever people are concerned about mold and the effects it can have on not only personal health but the damage it can cause in your house. Mold is everywhere and has an important job to do outside your house like helping to break down fallen leaves and other organic material. Inside your house mold can affect your health with symptoms as serious as shortness of breath.

Everyday you breathe in mold as you go about your duties. In your house it can be seen as black spots on the shower curtain, little patches of white furry looking stuff on the basement floor, or that unsightly rust color that forms around your sink drains. These are some of the visible places where mold occurs but you may not be aware that mold can grow inside your walls.

Finding Hidden Mold In Your House

The drywall and glues and caulks used while putting up as well as other wall boards can be a prime breeding ground for mold in your home. Since this mold is basically invisible you need to know what to look for to find these hidden health threats.

Mold covered windowsill

  • Check areas you know have been exposed to water from floods or backups.
  • Discoloration or stains on the wall
  • Warping, crackling, or buckling of the wall.

**Should you discover a large mold colony please contact a professional to handle the removal process to avoid the health risks and to make sure all the mold is removed.**

Mold hidden in the walls will most likely require the drywall to be removed and replaced. Use the following guidelines when choosing a contractor or doing it yourself.

  • The drywall should not be made from cellulose or paper
  • Joint compounds need to measure a 10 on the ASTM D 3273 test for mold resistance
  • Use mold resistant drywall tape

Joint Compounds

There are two types of joint compounds and choosing the right one is important since about 40% of the wallboard surface is covered by the compound. The first is drying compound that dries when the moisture evaporates. This type is not moisture resistant. The second is setting type which hardens through a chemical process. This type may or may not be right for the job so you need to make sure it has been tested and scored a 10 on the ASTM test.

Mold Installation Guide CTA

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