Metal Framing for Residential Construction

Metal Framing

Metal framing is a very practical approach to building. It solves a lot of the problems that builders face when building with traditional materials. The low cost and benefits are attracting the eyes of many businesses, organizations, and now residential builders.

Steel framing lowers your construction costs

Construction workers cutting and welding metal

When you build with steel, there are no warranty issues, because metal will not shrink, warp, or split. You have no nail pop issues or drywall cracks that need fixed once your structure is finished. You also save on all the job-site expenses involved with hauling off and getting rid of wood and discarded materials. An additional benefit is a significant savings on builders risk insurance.

Metal framing studs weigh about a third less than their wood counterparts. That makes them much easier to handle. They can also be installed using a 24 inch center. When it comes time to market the building, consumers understand the value of metal framing from its known durability. Metal framing will not rot, get termites, mold, or pick up any type of insect infestations. These types of problems give homeowners fits on a regular basis.

Metal framing promotes IAQ (indoor air quality) because it will not emit any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In today's 'green' world, metal framing is very attractive. This is because it contains a bare minimum of only 25% recycled steel, and is itself 100% recyclable. That makes it a 'green' enthusiasts dream. Metal framing will also perform better during seismic events and high wind situations.

Additional Benefits of Metal Framing

Panelized Construction - Speed and less work are two more benefits of metal framing. In most all residential applications that are wood framed, the material used for the floor, the walls, and the roof sheathing, will be plywood or OSB. When panelized construction is done, a lot of these steps will be eliminated, and the only framing responsibility will be to position and fasten the already pre-assembled components. It's faster.

Construction workers cutting metal ramingMetal is lighter and much easier to move around - With stick framing builders have to cut their lumber to size, frame , insulate, drill holes for the wiring, and sheath. With steel panels you have a custom made piece ready to put in place. When they arrive at the job-site, they are already cut to size, framed, insulated, with molded wire chases. The steps that are eliminate lower the labor costs quite substantially. Any adjustments are easily made onsite and in no time.

The bottom line is this - Metal framing is better than wood because it is stronger for withstanding hurricanes, earthquakes, big snows, high winds, and all types of weather. It is environmentally safe, won't warp, is non-combustible, and is not eaten by termites. There are loads of benefits to take advantage of.

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