Not So Heavy Metal: How Metal Studs Can Benefit Any Project

Wood Vs. Metal

When you're in the habit of using wood framing for your project, it's easy to stay stuck in a rut. However, there are a number of advantages to using metal studs that can have you on the right track for any number of project types. But how do you know where to apply this type of framing and what is different from the wood framing you're already familiar with? Here are some details to help you along the way.

Lighter weight.

Metal studs are easier to hold in position because of their lighter overall weight, making it much easier to sink that fastener exactly where it needs to go instead of where you accidentally caught it as it fell. This also makes it much easier to load or unload the framing members at the store or on the job site.

More compact.

metal-studs.pngBecause metal studs have a hollowed design, you can store twice as many studs in the same space as you would wooden studs. This means not only can you carry the weight, you can literally double the amount of studs you're carrying in terms of bulk at the same time.

Less reactive to humidity and temperature.

We've all run across a few wood studs that got a little damp in a rain storm or hot, high humidity days on the job site and turned out looking like they went through a Texas twister. Metal studs are almost always completely straight, barring a traffic accident on the way from the store.

Naturally fire retardant.

Sure, in theory metal studs can burn. But not without the application of oxygen, fuel and a serious torch. If you want a little more security for a structure where fire is a concern, metal studs win, hands down. You won't get that kind of peace of mind when you use wood studs.

Lower overall costs.

Because you can pack more in a load with lower weight, it takes fewer trips and costs less to transport metal studs versus their wood counterparts. You'll also have a serious reduction in warranty callbacks due to warping or curving boards, making it easier to spend more time on the next job instead.

recycle-sign.pngRecyclable scrap.

Not only do metal studs produce less scrap, with some estimates as high as 18% difference compared to wood, but the scrap can be directly recycled to help you gain back your material cost and lower your disposal costs.

Lasts longer.

Because most metal framing members use galvanized steel, it doesn't corrode; and unlike wood, it doesn't rot either, causing maintenance and repair headaches down the road.

Easier to route services.

Metal studs come with pre-drilled holes in the structure, which makes it much easier to run electrical line, small-diameter plumbing pipes, communications wire, gas lines and similar services through the studs, reducing your overall installation time of these services.

As you can see, metal framing provides many benefits that you may not have considered if you haven't had the opportunity to use it before. If you have additional questions or need more information about whether metal framing is a good option for your next project, please feel free to contact the experienced associates at Wallboard Supply Company. We'd be happy to help you make the best choices for your specific needs, just like we've been doing for decades.

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