10 Mind-Blowing Commercial Building Exteriors You Must See

Performance Center in Alexanderhoehe

Whether you dream in color or walk to the beat of a different drummer, you want your business to reflect that. Beyond the average, ho-hum designs that everyone uses, you want an exterior that goes above and beyond to make a stylized, vivid impression on  your customers, clients, vendors and visitors. These beautiful designs will blow your mind and provide you with some amazing inspiration on what you'd like to do with your own commercial building.

1. The Wavescape Pavilion

The Wavescape PavilionThe Wave Pavilion was designed for the Yeosu Expo to reflect the city's close ties with water. The large expanse of glass on the water side reflects the waves onto the glass, making it appear to always be in motion. The skin translates the ocean's motion into the appearance of a rippling facade that soothes the mind and calms the spirit.


The Energy Cube Structure2. The Energy Cube Structure

Don't let the flashy exterior of The Energy Cube Structure in Konstanz, Germany fool you - it's actually a net energy producer. The four-story structure incorporates numerous solar panels and a variety of energy-saving features that weren't even thought feasible five years ago, which is appropriate since it's the municipality utility's customer call center.

The UNStudio Gallery Cheonan3. The UNStudio Gallery Cheonan

The UNStudio Gallery Cheonan may be an average if beautiful monotone building facade by day, but at night, it comes out to play with a wide range of colors, images and themes. This beautiful Korean work of art serves as a multi-level funhouse with a central stairwell designed around a propeller to facilitate easy access and traffic to the different floors. 

The KNN Media Center

4. The KNN Media Center

The KNN Media Center may look like something out of "Back to the Future," but it was actually designed to represent the change from traditional broadcast to streaming media as our world becomes more and more connected. Located in Busan, South Korea, it holds a variety of broadcast studios, retail stores and a museum of teddy bears. The soft-surface base geometry blends the interior and exterior spaces at the building's base.

Anisotropica Busan Opera House5. Anisotropica Busan Opera House

Sydney's got nothing on the Anisotropica Busan Opera House, the second beautiful structure from this lovely South Korean city. With a whimsical approach based around fluid music themes and piano parts, the building features a filigree exterior based on a piano piece that reflects the piece's repetitive musical elements in the elements of the structure.

Leige-Guillemins Station

6. Liege-Guillemins Station

In an attempt to allow for maximum permeability, the Liege-Guillemins Station in Liege, Belgium has no facade. Serving the country's high-speed railway, it features a steel and glass vaulted canopy covering five train platforms and reaching a height of 145 meters - no small feat for a vaulted ceiling.

The Performance Center Alexanderhoehe7. The Perfomance Center Alexanderhoehe

The Performance Center Alexanderhoehe looks like a something dreamed up by a science fiction writer, but it's actually built to create a single access point for visitors between the performance center and the town's Parktheater in Iserlohn, Germany. It combines the lobby for both structure while adding beautiful, modern space to the facilities.

The Kansas City Library

8. The Kansas City Library

The Kansas City Library knows how to get the point across in terms of advertising what you'll find inside. The larger than life facade provides a nine foot by 25 foot cover for the parking spaces behind it, creating a much more interesting visual appearance than the usual assortment of sedans, SUVs and crossovers.  

The Barcelona H20 Building9. The Barcelona H20 Building

The Barcelona H20 Building was built to house the bottled water brand H2O, but goes well above and beyond your average office space. The six-story facade is constructed from a polymer composite that is suspended on steel trusses that are attached to the existing building. 

Hanoi Museum10. Hanoi Museum

Frank Lloyd Wright's influence in cantilevered structures and water features is very apparent in the design of the Hanoi Museum. The upside-down pyramid reflects a right-side-up pyramid in the beautiful reflecting pool.


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