Must-Have Drywall Tools

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Whether you're hanging drywall for a high-rise or finishing new sheetrock up in the guest closet, there's no doubt that having the right tools helps you get the job done. From additions to the basic kit through professional grade tools contractors can't live without to awesome apps for everyone, these tools will help you get the job done right, in less time and with fewer frustrations.

Must-Have Basic Drywall Tools

Sure, you know you need a utility knife, taping knives and sanding blocks. But here are a few more tools that make the job so much easier:

  • A drywall lift. These handy little jacks are available from most rental companies and are a huge help when you need to get that sheetrock onto the ceiling without putting your back out.
  • A keyhole saw. Though a utility knife is great for cutting straight lines and scoring drywall, it doesn't work well for curves. A keyhole saw basically resembles a reciprocating saw blade with a small handle on it and does a much better job in tight curves.
  • A mud pan. There are a lot of DIYers who say to just use the container, but using a mud pan helps keep the rest of your joint compound damp and easy to work. A mud pan also has flat sides, making it easier to clean off your putty and taping knives when they get gunked up with drying mud.

Must-Have Pro Drywall Tools

You already know most of the basic tools and own a bunch of professional help tools, but did you now about these?

  • Drywall ToolsSerious driver bits. Sure, you can run drywall screws and keep changing out your bits as they start to strip out, but a stripped out bit leads to a stripped out screw head in the last possible place you want it to be. Invest in some serious driver bits that are designed to take serious abuse in an impact driver or are made out of quality metal like titanium or higher-grade steel.
  • A sanding pole. You're absolutely right that you can keep going up and down that ladder, but this little tool will have your knees thanking you for years to come. Much like the drywall lift for the DIYer, a sanding pole just helps prevent wear and tear on the body while giving you a great, smooth finish.
  • A utility box marking tool. For every job we've seen where a contractor swears he's measured exactly where the outlet box is, there's another where the box must have magically moved since it was measured, costing time and materials.
  • A drywall taping tool. This is just plain awesome to watch in action. The manufacturers claim this lays down tape and mud perfectly at a rate of a foot per second. I'm not quite sure it's that fast, but it is a really cool tool to get it done with.

Must-Have Drywall Apps

As with almost everything these days, there's an app for that. Though I'm still a little cynical about the bubble level apps, here are some of our favorites for drywall:

  • Drywall inspection checklists. Whether it's for residential or commercial, an inspection checklist is a handy item to run through the job site quickly and ensure there won't be any last-minute problems.
  • Drywall material calculators. There's just something about punching in a few figures and having it all laid out in terms of how many sheets, how much mud, how much tape and so forth.

By looking into some of these tools, you'll be able to get your work done faster, easier and with less waste. Though you could always take the old-fashioned approach, using these tips to get your job done quickly and with fewer problems will make you and any prospective client much happier when it's time to go through your project punchlist. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance. At Wallboard Supply Company, we've been serving the four-state area for over 45 years.

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