Stand Up for the National Safety Stand-Down 2015 - May 4-15th

Safety Stand Down


The construction industry has some of the worst accidents rates compared to any other sector today. Of theaccidents that take place in our industry every year, 36.9% involve falls, the highest of any accident type. One in ten construction workers every year will be injured, with a construction worker with a 45-year career having a one in two hundred chance of dying on the job. Fall protection is the most commonly violated OSHA standard with 60% of construction industry accidents happening in the first year of employment.

This May, let's take a stand against work site accidents with the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. Planned to raise awareness in the interest of preventing construction industry fall accidents, the Stand-Down is scheduled for May 4-15 and has a goal of reaching 3 million construction workers in 20,000 Stand-Downs across the country. With last year's Stand-Down reaching 1 million construction workers, it's estimated that if this year's event makes its goal, 40% of American construction workers will have had contact with the special content developed for this event.

What is it?

Construction Cones Lined UpA safety stand-down provides the opportunity for employers to speak directly with employees in a focused fashion about safety issues in our industry. It can involve talking safety over breaks, developing safety and rescue plans, talking about hazards on the job site, inspecting safety inspections of equipment or other safety-related issues that you come across in your work. Take the time you have available and work in worker safety topics as you are able to. Put up a few fliers or posters advertising the Stand-Down to help raise worker awareness. Set up contests or incentive programs for workers who best implement the new safety knowledge they've gained during the event.

The Stand-Down is also being promoted by Safety Week 2015 and NAOSH Week 2015. It covers a wide variety of construction-related topics, including general and sub-contractors of all sizes, whether commercial or residential. It also covers independent contractors, highway construction workers, general industrial companies, the military, various parts of the US government, unions, trade organizations, instructors and manufacturers of safety equipment. 

What resources are available?

OSHA has a wide range of resources they've developed both for the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction event and to help educate workers and employers while lowering rates of job site falls. Many of these resources are available in both English and Spanish, from wallet cards to posters. There are also a number of training tools and videos available on their website that can be used by employers to provide training to their employees, in addition to on-site consultations and state plans that lay out specific information about your state.

Does construction worker education make a difference?

Guy with harness protection on construction siteAbsolutely! Since 1970, when OSHA was started, workplace fatality rates have dropped by over 65% and work-related illness and injury rates have dropped by over 67%. During this time period, the workforce has doubled, meaning that these rates actually reflect much higher figures as the total number of workers have increased. As an example, if there were 100 workers out of 1,000 who were injured on the job and another 100 workers were killed on the job, today's figures would be 35 workers injured and 33 workers killed on the job out of 2,000 workers because of the change in workforce numbers. In terms of slip and fall fatalities, eliminating falls on construction work sites would save 173 lives every year.

Now that you've had the opportunity to learn a little more about what slip and fall accidents cost the construction industry every year, it's time to take action. Whether you have a small or large company and want to spend a few minutes or several days working on the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction event, please plan on doing something for this national event. Whether you're adding safety features to your equipment or purchasing new itemsWallboard Supply Company is here for you.

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