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Hilti was first started in 1941 by a man named Martin Hilti. Back then Mr. Hilti's mission was to provide manufacturing for major corporations in the textile and automotive industry. By 1960 Martin Hilti's company was producing many 'first ever' tools including the powder firing fastener system.

As the company battled up and down over the years Hilti has branched out to the world and has gained a reputation for innovative and high quality products.

Huge Line of Products

As of today Hilti makes tools and products in these categories;

  • Mining
  • Drilling and Demolition
  • Diamond Coring and Cutting
  • Measuring Systems
  • Screw Fastening Systems
  • Cutting and Sanding
  • Direct Fastening


Hilti has many products and systems based on mining. Hilti has products for ground control as well as complete underground infrastructure. Then for removing earth they have popular rock drill systems.

Drilling and Demolition

Hilti has many tools for demolition including rotary hammers, combi hammers, breakers, chisels bits and accessories.

Diamond Coring and Cutting

Hilti CombihammerHilti also has a line of diamond cutting products. Whether you are doing some coring or cutting through walls and wires, Hilti's diamond products will make the job easy.

Measuring Systems

Hilti Diamond Coring and CuttingHilti has all the high tech measuring products like rotating laser measurers, laser levels, pipe lasers along with detection systems and measuring systems for mining.

Hilti Total Station

Screw Fastening Systems

From corded to cord-less Hilti has high quality screw driving systems. They have finish drivers and rugged cordless screw drivers that will work hard for hours before recharging.

Cutting and Sanding

Hilti Corded Power DrillFilling out Hiltis hand held line is the cutters and sanders. Any sanding project you have can be handled by Hilti products. They also make popular cutting tools like reciprocating saws, jig saws, circular saws etc.

Direct Fastening

Hilti Corded Angle GrinderFastening to steel or concrete? The products Hilti is known for can help you out. The direct fastening line of products includes the old stand by hand drive fastener all the way up to the gas powered and powder actuated fasteners for high volume fastening on concrete or steel.

Northeast Hitli Distributor

Hilti Stand-up Roof Deck Fastening ToolWallboard Supply Company is proud to carry Hilti products making them available to the northeast. Come in and upgrade your tools to Hilti or try a Hilti product on your next project. Our staff can help you with more information on Hilti brand as well as anything you need to make your next project a success.

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