Porter Cable Drywall Sander Review

Porter cable 7800 drywall sander

When looking for a drywall sander, there are many options currently available on the market. The Porter Cable 

7800 is one of the best, and anyone looking to purchase such a sander should certainly consider it. This is especially true for those who aren’t extremely familiar with drywall sanders! Generally, drywall sanding is messy and exhausting, but it doesn’t need to be so, and it isn’t, when using the Porter Cable 7800.


With an impressive list of features, such as an 8.5 pound body, 13 foot vacuum hose, and speeds ranging from 1400 to 2000 RPM, the Porter Cable 7800 is a sander that puts others to shame. It also includes a hook and loop strap for convenience when using it, and comes with a sanding pad. There is not much more you could want when it comes to drywall sanding!


Porter cable 7800 drywall sanderThe most important quality of the Porter Cable 7800 drywall is its speed! It’s extremely fast and allows the sanding of several rooms in the time it would take a regular sander to do a single room. The second thing is that it creates very little dust when being used. Other drywall sanders force the user to wear a mask, but the 7800 does not as it eliminates or traps most of the dust being created while using it.

Another pro is the length of the cable, as the 13 feet are more than enough to place the vacuum in the center of the room and leave it there while using only the sander.

The 4.7 amps of the motor are more than enough to give it excellent sanding power, and this is much more than what most other sanders offer. This is what helps the 7800 sander be so fast and eliminate dust, and it's one of its most important pros.


The price could be considered a con by those looking at other sanders and comparing them to this one. However, those looking for a high quality sander shouldn't regard the price as a con as it's simply a way of telling a high quality sander from a low one.

Another con is the fact that the 7800 sander does not go inside corners. There's an area of about 1/4 inch of the actual corner that it's not able to reach, no matter how hard you try, because of its construction.

Its weight is also considered a con by some, but others feel that its weight is more of a pro, at least when compared to that of other drywall sanders.

User Opinions

Users are extremely pleased with the 7800 sander due to its speed and ease of use. All users are also extremely happy by the fact that they can use the sander in all parts of the house without creating a blanket of dust. They all agree that it’s extremely easy to clean after using it, and that it doesn't create a mess like all other sanders. Users are also happy with its motor as it gives the sander a lot of power. This, in turn, allows them to sand a larger surface in a lower amount of time!


With a large number of positive reviews, an impressive list of pros, and with performance that's hard to match by other sanders in this price range, the 7800 drywall sander is one of the best options on the market, and it's certainly an excellent choice to consider if looking for such an item.

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