Porter Cable Dust Extractor Vacuum Review

Cleaning up hardwood floor
Woodworking projects have always been a passion, but the clean-up was a time-consuming chore. The Porter Cable Dust Extractor Vacuum cuts the time for removing wood shavings and dust that is created. It was soon discovered that this handy piece of equipment worked for other chores, as well. For example, when having to replace drywall in the kitchen, it can be used simultaneously with the saw and keep surrounding areas cleaner than expected. Feel free to share you're experiences using the vacuum in the comment section below. But first, the review.

Built In Outlet

When using a miter saw, the residue quickly covers the area in which you are cutting. With this vacuum, you can plug in your saw directly to the Porter Cable Dust Extractor Vacuum, and it will turn on at the same time as your power tool. This is quite convenient for sucking up loose particles and keeping your job much easier.

Filtration Efficiency

Wood shavingsCompared to a normal shop vac, the level of filtration is unbeatable. Rated at 99.85%, almost no dust is left to circulate around the room so there is very little settling that can coat the room.

Vacuum Overrun

Cleaning up the particles that are left within the hose is always a negative surprise when turning off a vacuum but this unit has a unique feature that allows it to run for an additional 15 seconds after shutting off. There is no more overflow of debris to clean up after the job is completed.

Built for Great Suction

The 9-amp motor and slim hose with various attachments, guarantees great suction for small pinpointed areas or larger floor spaces. This is definitely a time saver with great results.

While a shop vac has a place in the barn for heavy chores, this dust extractor vacuum stays conveniently placed in the garage for hobbies and small remodeling jobs. Considering all of the small jobs, besides the woodworking hobby, you are able to keep dust away from family members when making minor repairs. Changing a door knob, replacing a piece of dry wall, or even sizing up a book shelf for your child's room, is no longer a messy chore. The ease of keeping dust to a minimum is certainly well worth the investment. 

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