10 easy steps to prevent accidents at your workplace!

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In the construction industry, we've got some of the highest rates of workplace accidents. Though there have been vast improvements in construction worker safety since OSHA was founded in 1970, the rate of accidents in our industry is still significantly higher than almost every other industry. Higher accident rates means higher insurance costs and lost productivity due to down time and worker morale. To help turn these statistics around, here are ten awesome tips to help you prevent work site accidents:

Scaffold Use:

Though it's easy to get in the habit of leaving guard and mid rails off of scaffolding to allow better ease of movement, it's not a good idea. Issues with scaffolding is the top citation category for OSHA. In addition, making sure that your scaffolding will handle four times the weight of the maximum load, that your planking is of sufficient quality and tightly placed and that the setup has been inspected by a qualified professional.

Ladder Safety:

Construction Steel Worker Up High With Fall Protection HarnessIn addition to electrocution issues from metal ladders and power lines, ladder safety is another area where falling accidents are very common.

Training, Training, Training:

By providing good training to your employees, you're helping them become more aware of the work environment and what they need to do to remain safe on the job site. Make fall training a required part of your training program.

Safety Equipment:

Safety harnesses and nets both help minimize the injuries that occur when a fall accident is unavoidable Make sure to regularly schedule inspections of your workers' and business' safety equipment to ensure that it remains safe instead of failing when it's needed most.

Block Off Potential Fall Sites:

Do you have an area that could be problematic in terms of falls, whether it's an elevator shaft, open doorway or similar location? By blocking off potential fall sites in an obvious way, you can physically reduce the risk of a fall while alerting workers to potential safety issues.

Don't Work Tired Employees:

When construction workers are tired, whether from a crazy schedule on a fast-track project or because they're working in a tough environment, they have more accidents. Instead of working tired employees while paying overtime, look at hiring a few more employees for a big or tough job to create a second shift. The difference in cost is more than worth it when an accident means lowered production due to poor worker morale and higher insurance rates.

Keep a Clean Work Site:

Construction Truck AccidentWhen things are hopping at your work site, it's easy to forget to pick up an extension cord or move a couple boards in the chaos. Unfortunately, this is an accident waiting to happen. If you need to, designate a safety supervisor who takes a quick walk through the job site at least every couple hours to maintain a safe environment.

Provide Good Lighting:

It's hard to avoid fall accidents if you can't see where you're going. Providing good lighting not only means quality construction, it can save lives as well.

Trac(tion) Star:

Are some parts of your work site slick or slippery? Adding traction in the form of sand, grip tape or similar formats helps prevent accidents by improving work site safety dramatically.

Dry it Up:

Are some areas of your work site slippery due to water leakage or a rain storm? Dry up damp areas to help prevent fall accidents on the work site, either by providing fans or physically drying areas using a pump or towels.

Though work site safety has improved dramatically over the years, even one preventable fall accident is one too many. Whether you need to look at new safety equipment or require training on preventing slip and fall injuries in your company, make sure you do something. With the National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction coming up May 4-15, plan on doing something to prevent falls - you'll be glad you did.

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