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Pyramex offers a spectrum of safety glasses for any activity, whether working or playing you'll be glad to have them on. Safety glasses play an important role in keeping your eyes safe and your vision intact when your eyesight may be on the line.

Pyramex manufactures outstanding safety eyewear products that enhance your ability to perform the job at hand while keeping your eyes safe. Wearing quality engineered eyewear designed to go above and beyond expectations in safety, durability and reliability when it counts, matters most when you least expect it.

Steel Worker Wearing Safety GlassesPyramex has been in business since 1991 designing safety glasses that meet the needs of industry and personal eyewear protection. Developing and evolving eyewear to keep employees safe by introducing innovative enhancements to Pyramex brand safety glasses takes expertise, teamwork, leadership and customer focus.

Pyramex safety glasses conform to ANSI requirements and CE certifications, including High Velocity Impact requirements and Ballistic Standards. Each model of eyewear integrates different specifications to meet the safety demands of individual trades.

Pyramex manufactures both indoor and outdoor lines of safety glasses for a variety of activities. Feature designs incorporate venting for air flow, flame resistant foam padding, non-slip temple padding, wrap around peripheral protection, brow guards and retainer straps.

Color specific safety glasses offer wavelength filtering for specialized jobs, while style minded users might simply prefer tinted lenses to look cool. Pyramex has integrated some of the best benefits in eyewear safety design such as:

  • Safety Glasses from PyramexAnti-fogging to keep your field of view and your vision clear
  • Polycarbonate lenses offer superior protection from impacts or chemical splash hazards
  • UV-A/B ray filtering, glare protection and tinting prevent eye damage and visual strain from sunlight and other bright light sources
  • Anti-reflective lens coatings offer scratch resistance to keep your view unobstructed
  • Weather, dust and particle protection keeping your eyes free of debris

Each model of eyewear offers a variety of unique and useful features that enhance your ability to complete any task while keeping your eyes safe and your vision clear.

Pyramex recognizes the invaluable need for eye protection, and offers safety eyewear that will exceed your expectations while offering fit, function and comfort. Constant innovation in design, priority on safety and dedication to industry leadership makes Pyramex the best brand in the business.

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