QuietRock ES Mold Resistant Drywall: A Sound Damping Gypsum Panel

Quietrock ES Soundproofing Sheetrock

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. Their mom kicked them out of the house because they played in a rock band. The rock band was good, but they were loud and the neighbors complained, so out they went. They tried to build a studio out of straw and twigs but whenever the drum solo came around, the house blew apart. They next built a studio out of brick. Low and behold, it didn’t blow apart when the drummer went wild, but neighbors still leveled noise complaints. There is a quick and easy solution to this problem: QuietRock ES Mold Resistant Drywall.

QuietRock ES Mold Resistant Drywall is a soundproof drywall that provides a noise dampening effect, thus reducing the volume heard externally compared to walls without. You’ll get STC-55 level and up protection actually. No longer must you place noise dampening materials on top of your drywall. Save time, labor, materials, and floor space by using QuietRock ES instead with a single round for installation.

As you might get from the name, QuietRock ES Mold Resistant Drywall doesn’t just provide a quietrock drywall alternative. It is an excellent option for those environments which need to be mold sensitive. As described by ASTM D3273 - 12, the Standard Test Method for Resistance to Growth of Mold on the Surface of Interior Coatings in an Environmental Chamber, QuietRock ES received the highest possible ratings, as tested by an independent lab. While no material is mold proof, QuietRock ES offers increased mold resistance compared to your average drywall.

Moldy CeilingNot only does QuietRock ES Mold Resistant Drywall offer soundproofing and mold resistance, it provides 1 hour of Type X fire resistance, too. Don’t test this at home but between the mold and fire resistance, that’s when offering the product to hospitals, school, and government buildings makes the most sense.These buildings are constantly being updated, offering many avenues for sales.

Proper installation of QuickRock ES needs to take into account the material of the studs and what is on both sides of the wall. You’re not just placing one wall’s worth up and you’re done. For maximum STC dampening, consider one side with a single QuietRock and the other side with two layers of your standard board. Then, you’re not done yet. Add in QuietSeal Pro and QuietPutty for optimum silencing. The putty you’ll need to apply before the boards go up, to seal off outlets, switches, and the like. The sealant goes on with a caulking gun to fill in any cracks, or after you hang a painting, to maintain optimum soundproofness.

What is this STC rating we talk of?

STC stands for Sound Transmission Class. It is used to rate the effectiveness of material used for noise cancellation. If you want to keep the neighbors happy when you have a shared wall, you want a rating of at least 60, 55 is more common but might have them banging on the wall when you’re too loud. Imagine being the landlord and losing tenants because everyone is too loud. That’s a key time when you want to consider adding QuietRock ES to your next drywalling project. ASTM E 90 defines this STC standard for Sound Transmission Class Method for Laboratory Measurement  of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions.

QuietRock ES Mold Resistant Drywall is just one part of the QuickRock product line that contributes to a quiet more comfortable living/working space. Their 510 model is slightly thinner with a ½” thickness, reducing costs a little, but also reducing effectiveness. The ES in QuietRock ES stands for easy score. There is a non mold resistant variety available. Going up in features brings us to the 530 and 530 RF model. They add impact and shear resistance in addition to the noise reduction. The RF variety is special purpose for SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), blocking radio frequencies from penetrating in addition to the sound, fire, and mold protection. The final and highest end model is dubbed 545 and is the perfect alternative for high end media rooms, recording studios, and theatres.

What more can you do to help get optimum sound reduction from the QuietRock drywall?

QuietSeal Pro

If you can, don’t hang anything from the soundproof drywall. Any wall penetrations should be sealed (with QuietSeal Pro), but if you can avoid them, all the better. Leave a ¼” gap around the edges of the room and seal/caulk that, too. Lastly, stagger the joints on opposite sides of the wall, minimizing the chance of sound directly penetrating from one side to the other, without being dampened along the way.

Where does that leave our little piggies now? The band is off touring the world doing cover songs like For Those About to Rock, I Wanna Rock, Are You Ready to Rock?, Don’t Knock the Rock, I Like to Rock, and Keep on Rockin’. What more can you ask of a rock band… mom is so proud now.

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