How QuietRock Soundproofing Drywall Can Benefit Your Project

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As a contractor, you undoubtedly face more than a few challenges.  From unrealistic delivery times to not having enough help on hand, your obstacles indisputably cause your projects to fall behind schedule.  But what if there was a way to speed up your project?  What if you could meet the demands of your boss without going over on your budget, all the while meeting the codes and regulations that you have to adhere to?  

If part of your problem is acquiring quality drywall services that provide optimal soundproofing capabilities, then there is a solution, and it comes in the form of QuietRock soundproofing drywall services.  At Wallboard Supply Company, we go beyond your traditional expectations of what a general services contractor and supplier should be. And with our QuietRock drywall products, we can ensure that your soundproofing needs can be met both quickly and effectively. 

Here's a quick look at the various benefits to be gained from using QuietRock drywall products. 

Meeting All of Your Various Project Needs

Are you building a theater?  A bar or pub?  How about a professional studio or music room?  It doesn't matter the type of project you're completing, because our QuietRock drywall products provide maximum noise reduction, and best of all, they come with high STC ratings.  Furthermore, it only takes a single layer of our QuietRock drywall products to achieve the best of the best soundproofing deliverance.

QuietRock 545

Soundproof Room

For commercial theaters and media rooms, as well as other projects that require optimized soundproofing, QuietRock 545 is your go-to drywall product.  This sound damped panel provides the highest performance of soundproofing available on the market.  It's undeniable benefits include all of the following:

  • Up to an 80 STC rating
  • Ideal for multiple projects, including sound rooms, high-end home theaters, convention centers, studios and more
  • Compared to older methods of soundproofing, QuietRock 545 has been lab tested and proven to give greater soundproofing results
  • No matter the frequency -- high or low -- QuietRock 545 delivers superior soundproofing

If you are in need of exact product specifications, which you probably are, because your boss will want to know the exacts of QuietRock 545, here they are:

  • Permeability: 0
  • Thickness: 1-3/8"
  • STC-rated: 60-80
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs/sq.foot

QuietRock 525

As stated before, as a contractor, you have to adhere to a specific budget.  QuietRock 525 serves as a solution to your budget and soundproofing requirements.  For multi-family construction projects, you can't go wrong with the QuietRock 525 product.  It can also be used for other various projects, including:

  • Hotels
  • Conference rooms
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Party walls
  • Home theaters
  • Offices
  • Commercial properties

As far as meeting code for STC ratings, you can rest assured that a single layer of the 525 product on one side of the studs will exceed the ratings you are going after.  Not only does this let you avoid having to pay for materials and labor of providing double studs, but it even expands floor space.  

Notable aspects of QuietRock 525

  • Soundproof Drywall in a WarehouseNon-metallic composition
  • Same fire rating as Type X drywall
  • Even after fixtures have been installed into the walls, noise reduction still takes place
  • When having tiles installed in bathrooms with ceramic side facing outward, 525 can still be used under the tiles
  • Installation is equivalent to that of regular drywall
  • STC ratings between 51 to 72
  • Compared to other soundproofing methods, 525 is much more cost-effective

Product specifications for QuietRock 525 are as follows:

  • Fire-related: 1 hour
  • Thickness: 5/8"
  • UL-rated assemblies: U386,W317
  • STC rating: 51-72
  • R value: 0.5
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs per square foot

No matter the construction project that you are carrying out, if soundproofing products are needed, then it's best to make sure you are using the right ones.  After all, poor soundproofing can lead a wide array of issues.  

Take for example that you're building a hospital.  In order for effective communication to take place between staff and patients, soundproof drywall is of the utmost importance to ensure patient safety and first-class healthcare services are provided.  

Or perhaps you're building a bar or pub.  The owner will want to rest assured that the activities and noise taking place in his bar will not be heard by nearby residents and business owners; this could lead to him losing his licensure to operate his business.

Fortunately, no matter the project you're completing, there is a QuietRock soundproofing product that can meet your needs.

Additional QuietRock soundproofing products: their applications and features

  • 510: Lowest cost, 1/2" thickness, STC rating of 49-68 and ideal for remodeling and upgrades
  • 516: Meant to be used on 16"OC studs, 1/2" thickness, STC rating of 46-49 and ideal for single family residences
  • 525: Fire-rated, 5/8" thickness, STC rating of 51-72 and ideal for commercial properties, multifamily complexes, hospitals and hotels
  • 527: Meant to be used on UltraSTEEL studs, 5/8" thickness, STC rating of 55+ and ideal for UltraSTEEL construction projects
  • 528: Mold-resistant, 5/8" thickness, STC rating of 50-58 and ideal for high moisture areas
  • 530: Shear resistance, 5/8" thickness, STC rating of 52-74 and ideal for high-end homes, commercial properties, hallways and schools
  • 530RF: Enhanced RF shielding, 5/8" thickness, STC rating of 52-74 and ideal for medical shielding and SCIF rooms
  • 545THX: Highest performance, 1-3/8" thickness, STC rating of 56-80 and ideal for high-end homes, music studios and commercial theaters

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