Curb Appeal: Building Materials That Help Raise Your House Value Fast

Home Remodeling

Today's real estate market and a more transitional society means that home owners have a stronger focus on making changes to a home that will quickly raise the home's value on the future market. As our country continues to climb back out of the recession, home owners are purchasing homes that require some updating and want to keep costs down while looking to future value. Here are some top building materials you can put into play to raise your home's value fast, whether it's for sale next week or a decade from now.

Paint. Lots and lots of paint.

This wonderful material can make a very fast difference in your home's curb appeal, whether it's in painting the front door, adding accent touches to your porch railing, covering up some art that escaped your 2-year-old's paper or even to add some beautiful accents to your floor, walls or ceilings. With a little time and know-how, you can make a huge difference in your home just by updating the paint job.

Landscape and accent it.

Whether it's adding a tree or bush, putting in a water feature, installing beautiful pavers in place of that terrible cracked sidewalk or adding a few homey details to your porch and lawn, making your home's exterior beautiful is the fastest way to get attention when you've listed it for sale. If you are adding a tree or bush to your property, take its future size into account when deciding where to plant, be sure you mulch around it. Keep the plant fertilized and water it to get the best out of your investment.

Fix the floor.

Floor repair

Do you have patio pavers that are closer to trip and fall hazards because of the frost heaves last winter? What about that cracked tile that you - mostly - don't notice? Floors draw our eyes to other elements in a room, so make sure they're in good repair before you list your home for sale. The same goes for those old deck boards that have become a complete eyesore, because a gallon of deck paint that helps seal the cracks and damage can make your home look like a million bucks.

Get rid of the popcorn.

And the avocado tile in the downstairs bathroom. And the really cute goose tiles on the kitchen backsplash. When you're having prospective buyers in your home, they need to be able to see themselves in it. Even if you've figured out a really great way to decorate that includes the avocado tiles, that's still all they're going to see. If your home has areas that need some serious updating, do so with high-quality, neutral-tone materials that will let your buyer see themselves at home in your home.

Not every improvement is visible to the naked eye.

If your home has issues that may show up in an inspection, whether it's mold and mildew from an overly-damp basement, a sagging roof from aging rafters, an outdated electrical system that won't deal with today's electronics or a water leak that's causing problems with the surrounding structure. Spending a little money now to fix it is far better than having to spend more down the road on a bigger repair or having a contract dropped because of issues found during a home inspection.

The biggest thing to remember before investing in any of these updates is whether it will work for your current situation. If it won't, pass it by in favor of something that will work, such as laminate flooring instead of light colored carpet in a busy home with small children. By making smart investments in your home, you'll be able to realize a good price for it down the road. If you're not sure which materials will make the biggest difference or will fit best with your current lifestyle, please feel free to contact our experienced associates at any of our convenient locations. At Wallboard Supply Company, we've been providing exceptional materials, services and advice for over 40 years.

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