Ramset Fastener Systems: How the DynaDrill Helps Get it Done

Dyna Drill TM 585

Over the years, Ramset has developed a wide range of tough fastener systems and tools to get the job done right the first time.  One of the more impressive tools developed by Ramset over the years is the DynaDrill. A serious hammer drill that gives great performance with exceptional vibration control, this tough tool gets the job done quickly and effectively. Here are some more details on the Ramset DynaDrill: 

Guy using Dyna Drill

Ramset is an Australian company that has spent over 25 years developing tools and fastener systems for the Australian industrial concrete chiseling and drilling industry. It features a polyamide casing designed to handle high impacts, directed air flow to keep the tool cool and working continuously, sealed grease reservoirs to keep workplace debris out of your tools and all steel ball bearings and gears to provide a long work life. The DynaDrill provides variable speed control for point start accuracy, a range of modes to work well in a variety of situations and is available in a range of power options. It also has great balance to prevent working fatigue and has impact cushioning for better operator safety and comfort.

In terms of safety and precision, the DynaDrill has a range of features to keep your crew on the job and working quickly. It has a depth set gauge to provide accurate hole depth, a brake to provide safety and exact drilling operations, a clutch that provides protection for the operator and equipment from a jam, and positive locking drill bits matched with a keyless chuck to provide fast removal and replacement during regular operations. The different sizes meet needs for everything from lightweight plumbing work to heavy-duty demolitions, tearing up anywhere to over 1,400 pounds of concrete per hour. They can also accommodate drill bit sizes up to 1.75" in diameter, allowing for fast operations in retrofit situations instead of having to wait for heavier equipment to arrive.

Ramset has also developed a range of accessories to work with the DynaDrill system. One of its best offerings is their line of specialty drill bits. Their patented R3 system allows for maximum transference of torque from the drill to the bit. Created using specialty formulated sintered carbide, they have a significantly better drill speed, higher wear resistance and the maximum working lifespan. The experts at Ramset have developed special relief angles to keep the tips sharper for longer periods of time while developing clearance angles opening the maximum space to remove material as effectively as possible. This allows for minimal wear on the drill and tool holder while requiring lower maintenance costs and time. The Four Flute spiral shank provides superior dust removal while improving the power of the machine. It also provides a low-dust environment that lowers friction heat buildup in your drill bits, better torque, and lowered chances of jam-ups in the drill hole, allowing the drill's power to be focused on the job at hand. This allows a 10% increase in drilling speed and a 10% increase in effective work life.

Guy using Dyna Drill

The Centre Point drill head provides better precision by starting a smaller hole to be followed by the rest of the bit, reducing bit travel at the start of drilling operations. This allow allows for lower vibration and better durability of the drill bits while improving accuracy and lower vibration during the drilling process. These features all combine to create a faster, more efficient drilling process than costs less in the end.

The DynaDrill from Ramset does a great job in a relatively small package, providing serious power when you need it most. When you need the right tools to get the job done, Wallboard Supply Company is here to help. We've been providing contractors with what they need for over 40 years in the northeast and can help you get your project underway. Contact us today to get a quote, place an order or schedule a convenient job site delivery to save you time and effort.

Ramset 2015 Product Catalog CTA

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