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Our residential contractors work hard to provide shelter for America's families. Now we have an awesome opportunity for you, our new ebook that covers the LEED residential contractor credentialing process for free. We'll give you details on how to get your own copy below, but here's a glance at the process and the benefits it can bring your business. Over the past couple decades, people have begun paying more attention to the impact we make on our environment. Because of these changes, our industry has seen a sharp rise in the number of new products and standards.

The most common standard in use is residential LEED certification and LEED AR Homes credentialing for contractors. To attain LEED certification, a home or residential building needs to earn points in several areas to show it's been constructed using green technologies and techniques. The LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) program certifies that a contractor has spent time in training or education for sound green-construction techniques, with other requirements as needed.

What are the Benefits of LEED Credentialing?

LEED Gold CertificationLEED AP credentialing provides you with the advanced knowledge and tools you need to bid successfully on LEED certified residential construction. By going through the LEED AP credentialing process, you're demonstrating that your work meets a higher standard of care. You are able to provide your clients with better value because they'll have reduced utility costs, tax credits from federal, state and local governments, rebates from utility companies, a healthier home and the knowledge that they're doing their part to save our planet. But building a LEED certified home will provide you with benefits as well. The job will have lower overhead because of lower construction waste and at the same time, you're able to charge a premium because of your knowledge and experience.. 

Because you need to maintain your accreditation, LEED AP helps you stay aware of changes to products, techniques and technologies, while staying in demand as a residential contractor for homeowners and developers who want what you have to offer. You can even stay a step ahead of your competitors because you have proven specialty knowledge. LEED AP credentialing also benefits your professional reputation because it shows you are familiar with the entire process instead of simply going through a single certified building. Even if a client requires something outside your particular area, your contacts within the LEED AP program can provide subcontracting services.

How do I Become LEED AP Homes Credentialed?

Residential contractors will want to pursue the specific LEED AP credential Homes, which was designed for professionals involved in home design and construction. You can expect to demonstrate knowledge in a building's efficiency and environmental impact during the initial new construction, as well as expected future energy use. The credentialing process covers several different areas where you must demonstrate either work experience or education.

Home Under ConstructionThough it's not required any longer to become LEED AP Homes credentialed, it's recommended that you work on a project or two before starting the credentialing process. This is because LEED certified buildings often feature specifications that are more exacting than those of conventional building designs. If you want to pass the exam, you'll need to be age 18 or older, score a minimum of 170 points out of 200 on the exam. The exam itself is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic and French.

The part of the process that is the most time-consuming is studying for the exam. Questions are either task questions, which show you have the necessary skill to build a LEED certified home, or knowledge tasks, which demonstrate you are knowledgeable enough to build the required documentation for a certified home. Our free ebook has many references you'll find helpful for passing LEED AP.

With the many benefits a LEED AP Homes credential can bring to your business, it's time to take the next step. We're proud to offer our free LEED AP Credentialing for Residential Contractors ebook for download - here's our easy-to-use download location. 

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