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There are a number of choices in hand tools in today's world. So many, in fact, that choosing any one of them seems to be an almost impossible exercise. For those in the know, however, there has only ever been one choice. That choice is Stanley. Stanley's state-of-the-art tools mark the next generation of hand tools that bring advanced ergonomics and quality to any project.


Power Tools in a bagTools are meant to be used. Unfortunately, not many tool makers take into account the person using those tools. Poorly made tools that lack proper design can make using them a hassle at best, and they can make using them dangerous at worst. Stanley tools are all designed with advanced ergonomics in mind. Stanley has taken great lengths to make sure that their tools are specially designed with the latest in ergonomic technology for an easier and more natural grip.

This ergonomic design makes using a Stanley tool feel better and move smoother, and more importantly it allows for greater usage while also reducing the risk of strain or injury from the motion of using the tool.

Built To Last

Occidental leather pro framer tool beltStanley tools aren't just built to be easy on the hands. Their tools are used in different jobs across the country, and they have to be built to withstand the abuse they'll take from even the toughest jobs. That's why Stanley's Pro line of tools are made with durability in mind. Extra tough materials ensure that Stanley's tools will be able to work through even the toughest of jobs without bending or breaking under the strain.

Stanley also incorporates advanced manufacturing techniques to make sure that their tools are as light as they can be while retaining their excellent strength. This means less wear and tear on the homeowner or mechanic using the tools, and it helps to combat strain and fatigue so more work can get done.

The Stanley Advantage

Hand tools are a dime a dozen in this day and age, but high quality tools aren't. Stanley hand tools are the final word in the future of hand tools. Their advanced ergonomic design combined with their strong resilience and durability mean they are truly the hand tool for the twenty-first century!

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