Testing Your Water For Impurities

Is your water safe for your family?

Does the water in your home not smell or taste right? Does it have some bacteria or nitrate in it? Your drinking water might have health concerns, nuisance problems or both. These water impurities might damage your plumbing equipment, cause odors, stains and health problems like intestinal disorders because of contamination due to bacteria. This could be especially true if you have spring fed or well water. 

What’s In Your Water - To find out if your water has impurities, you must find out what’s in it. Because you use your water for bathing, cooking and drinking, it’s important to know what is in it. If you have water problems and want to explore why, you can have a water treatment company or environmental lab test it for answers.

Even though some water treatment companies offer free testing, to know if your water has bacterial problems, they send the water out to a laboratory for results. Having the water tested depends on the symptoms your water exhibits.

For example, if you have the odor of a rotten egg caused by hydrogen sulfide or if you have acid water causing corroded pipes, you might want to have the water tested. If you live in a place that has hard water because of magnesium and calcium, you might want to have a water softener with sodium or salt installed to treat the water. 

Bottles of WaterContaminants - All water has contaminants such as microorganisms, dissolved minerals and organic compounds. When they build up they can impact public health and cause a nuisance in your home. Having a periodic lab analysis of your water is the best way to make sure it is safe.

For those who have public or municipal water systems, the testing is performed as required by Federal law. It is available at your request. Water testing can also help you prove if you have damages and get reimbursed if the water supply is contaminated due to a pollution incident. 

Testing For Contaminants - Water impurities can come from natural or artificial sources depending on where you live. Testing for impurities and contaminants can be costly, so you might check with neighbors and see if they had theirs tested and what the results were. 

Treatment MethodsSome of the treatment methods for water impurities include:

• coagulation, settling, and filtration softening; demineralization; internal boiler water treatment; surface active agents 
• lime and lime-soda softening; acid treatment; hydrogen zeolite softening
• demineralization de-alkalization by anion exchange
• neutralization with alkalies
• aeration, de-aeration, neutralization with alkalis

Being Informed - Making sure you get the facts first before buying water treatment system is important. Many companies are very aggressive in marketing their products so being an informed consumer is in your interest.

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