The Benefits of Veneer Plaster

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Veneer plaster is an excellent finishing alternative to painted drywall. It is a fine choice for renovating older homes that were originally built with lath and plaster walls. For best results it should be applied using "blueboard" drywall underneath though with a few added steps, it can be used with existing wall structures.

Utilizing veneer plaster offers a few conveniences over the more traditional, well-known drywall application found in most modern homes. Four good reasons are discussed here. 

1. Veneer plaster offers moisture protection that drywall does not. Once the plaster has dried, it seals out water whereas drywall will absorb it. You will not see any signs of structural failure where veneer plaster has been applied.

Vaneer plaster on a Fireplace2. Veneer plaster is pleasing to the eye. Plaster is applied and spread with a trowel. Different types of trowels are available. If you would like a smooth finish, choose a smooth trowel. If you would like to add texture, choose a trowel that has teeth around the edges. Trowels are sold with varying widths between teeth.  

The color of veneer plaster is typically called "mottled white." Color tint can be added while the plaster is wet if preferred. Adding a little bit of tint rather than applying primer then paint is much more convenient.&nbsp

3. Veneer plaster does not require any sanding. Anyone who has ever installed drywall knows once the joint compound has dried it is time to make a dusty mess. There are ways to get around all that dust but this adds to the time it takes to complete your project. Veneer plaster simply has to be troweled out and left to dry. 

4. Using veneer plaster usually saves time. If you are using a plaster that contains lime or are covering with 2-3 coats it will take a little longer. Most applications are one-coat that are ready to be painted over or otherwise decorated after 24 hours. In a traditional drywall application the joint compound needs 24 hours to dry. Sometimes a second coat of joint compound is necessary which extends the drying time by another 24 hours before you can get to the sanding and painting.

If you are taking on the task of redoing walls and trying to balance your time between this, work, and family, using veneer plaster may be the right choice for you.

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